About Us

Hodgkinson Design aims to create beautiful buildings inside and out, that are a joy to be in, that make a positive contribution, that complement the neighbourhood and add to the quality of the environment. Buildings that are expertly conceived, well-built and conservative in their use of energy, enable people to work, rest and play to achieve a positive healthy lifestyle. We undertake a wide range of projects from new build homes to the refurbishment and extension of existing properties. We offer tailored solutions for our clients’ requirements and ambitions.

Based in West London, Hodgkinson Design is a design-led architectural studio, striving to develop creative projects that exceed clients’ expectations, that enhance and positively contribute to the built environment that we all share. The team are focused on delivering an excellent customer experience and final product. 

We love the challenge of building a lifestyle for our clients. Every design is underpinned by an exploration of beauty, functionality and sustainability. We are inspired by nature's beauty and the harmonious palette of natural materials, using wood, marble, stone, plaster and wool with colour, paintings and sculpture to produce richly tactile environments.

What services do you provide?

Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management

How would you describe your style?

"Hodgkinson Design is not slavish to any particular design style, preferring to address each project with an open mind. Our residential projects are often contemporary to reflect the customer lifestyle, but we are very familiar with listed buildings and conservation areas."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"A classic west London stucco white rendered Victorian house, we have worked on the lower ground and upper ground floors. This has been an interior and furniture project with a number of bespoke pieces of furniture. Unlike other projects our client had some pre-existing furniture and artwork that they wanted to use so we curated space facilitating a warm, relaxed and creative atmosphere, working with new furniture and the client’s existing, whilst showcasing both old and new artwork and sculptures. This project originally presented limited storage spaces, to counter this we used Vertical oak slat boarding in the dining area, with storage cupboards behind to utilise the space. This project blends texture and colour within a minimalistic design. We helped to create a calm, spacious and restrained atmosphere as a perfect refuge from a busy life."

Tom St Aubyn