About Us

Harriet Sale and her team take an intimate and considered approach to all of their projects resulting in unique and timeless spaces. For them interior design is all about creating feelings, be that happy, relaxed, indulgent, fun, or even nostalgic. Every project is tailored to the client's tastes, lifestyles and requirements whilst also being sensitive to the surroundings and honouring the architectural details. Harriet has a meticulous attention to detail the team pride themselves on being savvy and efficient, alongside providing the highest quality design and craftsmanship. Most of the studio's projects are private residences but they are now also undertaking commercial projects too in the UK and internationally.

How would you describe your style?

"Our style is colourful and characterful but equally sophisticated and refined. We incorporate many layers in the design, it is a curation, with nuance built up through textures, patterns, and pieces with provenance. Designs are as interesting and impactful as they are practical and comfortable."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We invest in getting to know our clients, understanding how they live, what they enjoy, how they want to use a space and how they want to feel there. This property had previously been stripped of all architectural details and identity by a developer. The young couple wanted to create a fun, family home that would stand the test of time; a home that could evolve and not become dated. Therefore, we reinstated some key architectural elements and used a mixture of contemporary furniture, fabrics and art alongside antiques and more traditional pieces to give it that personality."

Image 1-4 and 7: Astrid Templier Photography; Banner and image 5-6: Mike Garlick Design