About Us

Cullum Design Company is one of the original staging companies offering expert home staging to its clients. Experienced, with an emphasis on service, the team delivers striking and beautiful interiors that will help you achieve a successful sale for affordable prices. 

Cullum Design has an extensive collection of furniture available to rent - the team don’t go to other suppliers for their furniture. Cullum Design's team of stylists will oversee all elements of your staging requirements ensuring you have a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. Meeting client expectations is paramount to Cullum Design. Staging is a highly competitive industry so client service is a fundamental part of the company's business and throughout the whole process you will be dealing with Natalie – from initial enquiry to final walk through, the team ensures that there is only ever one point of contact. The company's testimonials from its clients confirm that good communication is essential in delivering a stress-free experience.

Along with its staging services, Cullum Design also offers furniture packages, ensuring that their expertise and focus on service are always met. The packages are designed with you in mind and tailored again to your requirements. The team don’t like the word packages as each one is individual to meet their client’s needs. The company's furniture packages are delivered with the same ethos of good quality and outstanding service.

What services do you provide?

Home Staging, interior styling and furniture sourcing and packages

How would you describe your style?

"We tailor each of our projects to the style and brief of the property, using our expertise, attention to detail and drawing on our large collection of furniture to know the market, style and design preferences to add value to your property. Our core value is the idea of home. Our style is homely and grounded using lots of layers and accessories to ensure that there is a welcoming, well-being and positive atmosphere in all our projects which we believe is essential in creating a successful outcome. From classic contemporary to modern, to using the odd antique to bespoke UK-designed contemporary furniture, our interiors are relaxed, stylish and appealing."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"For the last two years, Cullum Design has been one of the preferred home staging companies at Battersea Power Station. It has been an incredible experience for our team – from our stylists and porters to logistics and picture hangers  – to witness this iconic space go from strength to strength. Seeing the development before its opening was a privilege, and to be able to style countless apartments was an honour. Cullum Design has dressed over 30 apartments there – each apartment is unique - so our tailored approach was essential. Cullum Design dressed one bed to penthouses within many of the iconic buildings there, also assisting new purchasers with furniture for their new apartments. It has been an incredible experience - a reward for our decades of hard work establishing the industry!"