About Us

Founded in 2013 by art historian and interior designer Aiya Lisova, AIYA Bureau creates exclusive architecture and bespoke sophisticated interiors all over the world. The team offers turn-key services and covers the entire process from concept to happy housewarming. 

Straight from the beginning, Aiya Lisova worked as a chief designer of the bureau, but over time she transformed into a creative director and visionary, defining the style and directing the design team. Now Aiya Lisova acts as a creative director not only in her bureau but also in other international projects.

The AIYA team creates exclusive architecture and bespoke sophisticated interiors — apartments, houses and SPAs all over the world — in Moscow, Dubai, London and Miami. Through an exploration of materials, colours, forms, architecture and art, we add a wealth of experiences into every space. The important nuance is the balance between the designer’s vision and the individuality of the client. The bureau creates spaces that reflect the true values and lifestyle of their clients. The team combine aesthetics with functionality and comfort. They work with natural and eco-friendly materials, prefer calm shades and integrate high-end technologies into our projects. The AIYA team are passionate about art and work with the best art galleries in Moscow, London, Milan, Dubai and Cape Town.

In 2022, AIYA Bureau started to work in the B2B direction and collaborate with the best developers worldwide. The company's portfolio already includes a penthouse, a comfortable sales office, a lobby and halls for premium residential complexes in the centre of Moscow.

Aiya Lisova, the company's creative director, believes that art is an essential component of the interior design process, as it adds mood and enhances the overall vision of the space. Her degree in the History of Arts, combined with travels and visits to the best museums and galleries, led to the creation of a new business department — AIYA collectible. The division is dedicated to collectable design and art. The team collaborates with art galleries globally, curates private collections, and organises exhibition visits and meetings with artists.

What services do you provide?

Architecture, Interior Design, Art and Business Consulting.

How would you describe your style?

"Our team is among the rare type of designers, who find greater pleasure in preserving and restoring than breaking and building anew. We love working in historical buildings, researching their past, and incorporating historical details into new projects. At the same time, we are passionate about new technologies and seamlessly integrate them into our designs. Our style is a blend of contemporary design, historical details, top European brands, vintage pieces, and art."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Our recent project is a vibrant family penthouse with historical details, contemporary art, designer furniture, and an open terrace with stunning views of the city centre. Our customer, a family with a teenage son, chose an apartment in a completely restored early 20th-century building in the centre of Moscow. They travel a lot, visit the best museums and have their own art collection.

Our aim was to showcase old-Moscow heritage, so we built a tiled fireplace, added double swing doors, wooden wall panels, natural stone, terrazzo, and smoked oak parquet floors. Contemporary life is impossible without a smart home system, so we used multifunctional Basalte Sentido keypads to control lighting and music. The owners like Italian and Scandinavian furniture, but wanted to try something else. We chose a legendary Utrecht armchair by Cassina, colourful Bocci lighting, a contemporary kitchen by Valcucine.

On the first floor, you’ll find the living room and the kitchen, illuminated by large windows with an exit to the fantastic open terrace. We placed there contemporary outdoor furniture and a lot of plants that will survive the cold Russian winter. The owners’ master suite, bathroom, wardrobe, office, guest bathroom and utility room are also on the first floor. The second floor belongs to the son. There’s a studio with a bedroom, a small comfy living room and a bathroom.

The floors are connected by a spiral staircase — it’s a real eye-catcher. We started planning the project from this and allocated all the rooms around it. This staircase is unique and tailored to this penthouse. We ordered it at the carpentry and then assembled three big pieces of the structure in the apartment."