About Us

At Abigail Reay, we specialise in modern classic design for residential projects. 

We seek to inspire as we expertly and sensitively transform your home with dedication, thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship. Our interiors reflect our desire to combine uncomplicated sophistication with practical living, designing beautiful homes that flow seamlessly with your lifestyle. Our unwavering commitment to the vision and passion you have for your home is at the heart of our studio.

We specialise in full turn-key renovations and refurbishments and pride ourselves on honouring you and your property’s style and features with our architectural-first approach.

What services do you provide?

Interior Architecture & Interior Design

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Interior Architecture

Using our architectural knowledge and experience, we work to enhance the space you have, creating a harmonious blend of functionality and design details. 

We consider how you will utilise each room and how the individual components come together as a whole - how spaces flow together and how they best suit your lifestyle. We help you make the right design decisions from the beginning regarding the structural bones of your property; staircases, internal walls, lighting and electrical layouts.

We embody the spirit of collaboration, working with architects, craftspeople and contractors to deliver flawless service from inception to completion. We create detailed designs, drawings and schedules, coordinating with your on-site construction team to ensure they correctly interpret each detail, including lighting designs, bespoke joinery, flooring and decorative finishes.

Interior Design

Complementing your brief and working creatively with your budget, we design bespoke spaces, bringing together texture, colour, light and elegant furnishings to allow your style to shine through.

Throughout the creative process, we share detailed concept presentations, drawings and mood boards to help you understand every aspect of our design, giving you a strong sense of how your home could look and feel. We provide detailed furniture, fabrics, artwork and accessory schedules, a full procurement and installation service.

Project Coordination

Our team will look after your project, coordinating all details from the concept stage to installation, including procurement, and proactively keeping you updated on progress, budgets and timescales.

Our experience working with construction teams during regular site visits enables us to manage and resolve any on-site queries and design changes that might arise. This ensures the execution of our design to the highest standards and delivers a project to be truly proud of."

Paul Craig