About Us

A RUM FELLOW is a design studio dedicated to artisan rugs and handwoven textiles emblazed by colour and intricate patterns. Creating a balance of contemporary and heritage design achieved with the finest materials and the skills of master craftsmen. 

A RUM FELLOW was founded by Caroline Lindsell and Dylan O’Shea, a partnership that fuses a desire for beautifully crafted and well-travelled design. In the spirit of the intrepid British explorers, they traverse the globe in search of the wonderful and unique. 

The design studio ethos was founded on three principles - Design, Quality, and Integrity. Creative Director Caroline’s signature style infuses collections with layered patterns and expressive use of colour, at once sympathetic to their heritage whilst achieving a timeless aesthetic. 

A RUM FELLOW offers a range of ethically produced handwoven fabrics by the meter, ready-made cushions, and speciality brocade fabrics, in addition to a collection of woven artworks. The artisan rug collections are offered in bespoke sizes, colours and a range of techniques. A fully bespoke rug design service is available to designers seeking unique creations for their projects.

A commitment to quality and integrity spurs the couple to explore less travelled parts of the globe in the pursuit of uncommon techniques and exceptional craftsmanship. Textiles are handcrafted by master weavers in Guatemala, while rugs are intricately woven in Nepal and India. Each element is crafted by an expert in their discipline to achieve unparalleled quality throughout collections.

A RUM FELLOW is rooted in the design we love, the values we hold, and a firm belief that beautiful design can be a force for positive change. We celebrate and support our incredible artisans with a commitment to fair trade principles. The studio’s approach harnesses the power of creativity to promote disadvantaged artisans and preserve artisanal craft practices through great design and a contemporary sensibility.

What services do you provide?

Home Accessories, Rugs & Carpets, Textiles

How would you describe your style?

"Celebrating the power of colour and pattern through the design of energetic and joyful artisan woven rugs and textiles. A RUM FELLOW’s singular style is informed by both heritage techniques and contemporary sensibilities in the creation of timeless designs that will captivate the room."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Our recent work includes a set of 3 completely bespoke designed hand-knotted rugs created for the parlour room of a beautiful New Orleans period property. We have recently launched the new ‘Promenade Collection’ of beautifully handwoven striped fabrics in exuberant colours. We are imminently launching an exciting collaboration with an established British company. There are always exciting adventures in design happening at A RUM FELLOW."