About Us

DOTS & POINTS is an interior architecture and design studio working on full-scope renovations and turnkey design projects from family houses to modern city apartments. As Wassily Kandinsky once said "Everything starts with a dot". The team manages their projects from start to finish: from the first to the very last dot. They strongly believe that by managing the whole process they remove the stress out of the clients’ minds making the journey to their dream home much easier. DOTS & POINTS covers everything needed to support their clients from initial concepts and technical design to sourcing, installation, and final styling.

"We always start with an idea and a thoughtful spatial design as there is no beauty without function and comfort," says the team "We believe that good design is about understanding. Clients’ aspirations and day-to-day needs together with our professional expertise transform their properties into individually tailored homes."

The studio was initially established in 2015 in Moscow by an architectural and interior designer - Irina Kireeva. In 2021 Irina moved to the UK and since then has been successfully continuing design work in London and Surrey.

What services do you provide?

Interior Design and Interior Architecture

How would you describe your style?

"Identifying our style as a blend of classic and contemporary, we develop elegant and refined timeless interiors. We love mixing vintage and modern, working with colours and light, balancing patterns and textures. 

We are all different as are our homes. That is why our interiors are eclectic and unique but always echo the client’s personality so that they can feel it is truly their home."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"One of our recent projects is a round-shaped house. 

We took the challenge of reconstructing a country house of unusual round shape. The original house was characterised by numerous small rooms with low ceilings and limited natural light. The challenge was to transform the house into a more spacious and functional dwelling. 

We redesigned the floor plans adding a spacious open-floor living room, kitchen, and dining area, a master bedroom with an en-suite, a kid’s room with an en-suite as well as completely rebuilt the lower ground floor and added a music room, playroom, guest room, office and a technical kitchen. The roof construction had an interesting hidden system of wooden beams. We opened it up, painted it in a contrasting colour and this doubled the height perspective of the living room.  To further enhance the house’s appeal a terrace, providing a perfect spot to enjoy warm evenings was added. 

We combined natural materials with modern design solutions, preserving the authenticity of the house. The unique twists and turns of the structure were emphasized using a carefully selected colour palette, materials, and furniture shapes. 

Another recently finished project is called La Dolce Vita. 

We did the inner architecture and complete refurbishment of a two-bedroom city apartment."

Evgeny Kulibaba