About Us

Bloomfield Ink designs and produces exquisite hand-block printed wallpapers which are designed to create a harmonious and timeless backdrop to any interior. A collaboration between Prue MacLeod and designer Emerald Dangerfield, the brand which was established in 2021 now has three collections inspired by nature and the ever-changing world around us - Daffodils, Dreamtime, and new for 2023, Eat Your Greens. The designs are brought to life in the Herefordshire countryside where Emerald hand mixes the pigments before the finished designs are sent to traditional block printers in Lincolnshire. The colours are derived from discontinued Winsor & Newton powder paints which were originally owned by Emerald’s grandparents and discovered in an old tin barn that now houses the Bloomfield Ink HQ and studio.  The colour legacy and heritage of these precious pigments are the starting point for each design. 'These pigments are cherished for their strength and longevity and with Prue’s impeccable eye for colour, creating these designs has been a collaborative pleasure for us both' explains Emerald, whose previous training and career was in fashion and couture. Sustainably and responsibly made exclusively in the UK, the handmade nature of the wallpapers makes them highly desirable to discerning interior designers and clients, seeking a design provenance that celebrates an artisan approach, with a fresh and contemporary colour palette.

How would you describe your style?

"Artisan-crafted wallpapers in both bright and earthy, natural colours which will appeal to those seeking a unique wall covering."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

Each wallpaper collection comes in several colourways, but bespoke colouring and scale is an area Bloomfield Ink prides itself on, with an infinite range of possibilities, if required. Emerald’s design skills when matched with the considered colourist eye of Prue has been key to the evolution and success of the distinctive Bloomfield Ink designs.

“The colours in our core collections have been designed, and refined with great care and we want to be able to offer a truly individual service,” explains Prue. Customers can have a design coloured to their exact colour palette or scale specification. In addition, the inherent characteristic qualities of hand-block printed wallpaper is that there may be slight variations and elements within the rolls, which adds to the charm and appeal of such a singular wall covering.

“Bespoke papers that work seamlessly with an interior is something that many of the designers we work with are looking for, and while the process is time-consuming, the results are always so rewarding for the client ” adds Emerald.