About Us

Coralie Estrade - Landscape & Garden Design is a design practice based in the Cotswolds, working on a broad range of high-end residential projects, in the UK and internationally.

Collaborating with architects and interior designers and placing plants at the heart of their work, the practice seeks to bring meaningful and harmonious connections between the architecture, interiors and contextual surroundings to link spaces and develop relationships between them.

Specialised in Planting Design, Coralie is led by a love of plants and great attention to detail, making their gardens beautiful, timeless, and carefully thought out, where colours, textures, blooms and materials are combined into gorgeous palettes.

The studio's approach is flexible and bespoke to each of their client's needs, offering complete landscape and design services to planting design consultancy, accompanying the client every step of the way.

What services do you provide?

Garden & Landscape Design

How would you describe your style?

"Coralie’s work is  drawn by a play between strong and clean lines informed by the architecture and site surroundings, and generous, rich and naturalistic planting."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We worked in close collaboration with our clients on this project to create the perfect garden for their family - the space dedicated to the children being essential, we worked together to find the right balance between entertaining space, play areas and planting.

Dense and lush planting brings harmony between upper and lower spaces. Hedges and climbers help the garden look soft and green all year around, even in places where the planting is limited. A water feature bringing another playful element to the garden comes and sits within a deconstructed planted area integrating into the paving, and softening the walls directly visible from the interiors.

Because of its size, it was important for us to make sure all outdoor spaces were packed with beautiful and meaningful details, even in the smallest form. This was integrated into the design with plant species creating cushions along the small retaining walls, some beautiful textures on boundaries with charcoaled timber, with a subtle change of tone within the paving stone, from the lighting design, foliage and blossom combination, boundaries and paving materials and textures."

Julie Skelton