About Us

Romanek Design Studio was founded by Brigette Romanek. Originally from Chicago, Brigette headed West to fulfill her design dreams. She’s now one of Los Angeles’ most sought-after Interior Designers. She’s featured in Architectural Digest’s 2019 “AD 100,” which lists their picks for the one hundred top designers in the world. Brigette is proud to lead a team of dedicated designers and professionals, all of whom share her passion for design and excitement for innovation.

It’s a gift to do what you love, and if your work can bring joy to people in their daily lives in the process, it is triply rewarding.

"I’ve spent years traveling, curating, and reading. Experiencing interior spaces and nature’s beauty all over the world. I bring these deeply inspirational experiences and the emotions they’ve evoked to each of my projects.

I draw on my passion from the many genres of design that inspire me, combining them in fresh and unexpected ways. Never trendy, the spaces must be fresh, functional, aesthetically alive, that will continue to inspire for years to come. I listen carefully to my clients’ most cherished hopes and dreams. I also love introducing new ideas to help them reach their goals with visions they might not have considered.

Being self-taught, I tend to work on instinct, and my years of study and work experience have helped me to channel those instincts into successful design solutions. My ultimate goal is to please my clients in a way that surprises and delights! Always to exceed their highest expectations."

How would you describe your style?

"My style is liveable luxe. Everything I design needs to be both beautiful and functional, which I achieve through new, vintage and the customization of pieces. I bring these together in a way that is both timeless and elegant."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"My latest project in Montecito has me head over heels in love. This homeowner spoke of her family’s necessities and dreams and we really worked hard to make all of it a reality. I have to say the project is absolutely stunning and encompasses the most important rules of design for me being liveable luxe, eclecticism, functionality, coziness, uniqueness, and individuality."