About Us

Joshua Lumley Ltd was established in 2004 after Joshua had spent a decade in London auction houses, latterly as Sotheby’s Head of Department. Establishing his own business allowed him to focus on the types of rugs he loves the most, and to see the whole process through, from sourcing to restoration, to placing it in the right interior in a client’s house. Joshua continues to be excited by finding the perfect rug for a particular project and by the evolution of design, colour and style in interiors. He also has a keen interest in European tapestries, and is a regular exhibitor at The Decorative Fair, held three times a year in Battersea Park.

What services do you provide?

Antique Rugs, Rug Finder and Broker

How would you describe your style?

"I like rugs that have a beauty of colour, and an informality of design, and I like the softness and subtleness of colour and texture that comes with age. The rugs, kilims and tapestries that I sell are extremely varied but have an informality of character and beauty of colour in common. The subtlety of tone and texture that come with age and use are particularly important to me."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"I work extensively with interior designers but also help private clients directly. I like to look at interior spaces and suggest ideas for rugs that will add an informal magic and atmosphere to a room. A recent project involved finding several rugs of highly varied origin for a private client’s country house. Persian 19th century carpets including Zieglers, Feraghans and Serapis were sourced for the main reception rooms, whereas in the bedrooms and bathrooms we used an eclectic mix of Spanish, Swedish, Moroccan and other European rugs and kilims to give each space an informal and unique atmosphere. And finding the Flemish Verdure tapestry for the drawing room, with its woodland landscape of trees and birds, created a visual link to the garden of the house."