About Us

Hendy Curzon Gardens designs gardens and landscapes in towns, the countryside and villages. Its team of designers and landscapers collaborate with architects and trusted craftspeople, technicians, tradespeople and suppliers to deliver client projects in full.

The company started designing and constructing projects over fifteen years ago, and from the outset, its creative vision has been to implement beautiful spaces with layer upon layer of thought, detail and originality. Attention to detail is in the DNA of Hendy Curzon Gardens. Projects are designed conceptually at first, and then the finer details and artistry come into play. Each garden and landscape is treated like a journey – regardless of scale. By structuring these journeys with hidden details and elements of the reveal, the effects can be enlightening. The team strive to be innovative and push the parameters of each brief, so their approach involves a great deal of creative energy and collaboration with clients. The results are bespoke outdoor spaces that embody the Hendy Curzon design doctrine and its clients' signature styles. For a garden to be timeless it needs to combine modern elements with traditional techniques, as well as native materials and plants that continue to develop naturally into their environments. That is the ethos at the heart of the gardens and landscapes that Hendy Curzon Gardens create, in the belief that they will all stand the test of time.

What services do you provide?

Garden & Landscape Design

How would you describe your style?

"Each finished project is a cohesion of our eclectic design approach and our clients’ tastes. The parameters of the landscape, the style of the interior and the period of the property inform the outside, but we like to challenge conventions and create gardens with styles that defy simple descriptions or labels. Hendy Curzon's gardens and landscapes have a high ratio of 'greenscaping' to hardscaping because we believe that nature should provide the medium and the solution as much as possible. We believe the role of a garden designer is to sculpt each given landscape and utilise its own legacy of natural elements. We create long-serving landscapes that are future-proofed and champion the gifts of every season."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We create a togetherness between architecture and landscapes and at the core of each project is an inherent desire to create exterior spaces that are true extensions of clients lifestyles and tastes. The overall approach to design facilitates resilient and improved landscapes for wildlife and ecological protection, with scope for the development of biodiversity within sites. Hendy Curzon designs sustainable grounds and gardens that can withstand climate challenges whilst still allowing clients to enjoy spaces that embrace and champion the beauty of each season. Every project is approached as an opportunity to reframe and enhance relationships with nature. Recent developments cover a broad scope of briefs. Ranging from a bespoke modern prairie pod studio garden in central Oxford to a monastic inspired garden and poolscape in Tuscany. These projects may seem poles apart but each concept forges essential links between nature, provenance and a desire for the sensibility of self-sufficiency. This is a recurring thread through all Hendy Curzon signature projects."