About Us

At the core of Asnew is reupholstery, this is where it all began. Reupholstery is a core aspect of sustainability and has been one of the company’s main values from day one. Asnew’s founders, Gary, and Jeremy hated to see perfectly good quality furniture ending up in landfill, and since they had the skills and vision, they decided to make it their mission to do something about it. They established the company in 2001, with the determination that its name would be enough to promote what it was all about, and so Asnew was born.

It was in 2014 with the skills from an ever-growing team that Asnew launched their first furniture range. In 2023 this has undergone a refresh with exciting new pieces of furniture being introduced into the collection. They also make bespoke furniture for their customers and Interior Designers.

How would you describe your style?

"Our style can be described as timeless, our furniture is designed to sit comfortably within any interior space; traditional or modern. The designed furniture will not go out of fashion and can be passed down the generations with minimal environmental impact. We are confident in saying that all of our frames have a lifetime guarantee.

Every piece of furniture is hand-crafted to order in our Oxfordshire workshop. If dealing with a tricky space and the sizes are not quite right, we can modify the furniture to make it just right."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Our client came to us with a cutting from a magazine showing a photo of a 3-Seater Sofa covered in a beautiful tropical print cotton fabric. They absolutely loved the fabric and thought it would be perfect for their new Garden Room. 

The brief was to make a large bespoke U-shaped sofa, for the new Garden Room. 

A home visit was arranged to go through and understand the client's needs and to assess the space. It was at the home visit that Jeremy realised they had an L-shaped sofa which didn’t work in the new space, and so the sofa was destined for landfill. Rather than waste a perfectly good quality piece of furniture, Jeremy came up with the idea to modify the original sofa by making an extension of the frame. The customer was very happy to be able to reuse their original L-shaped sofa which Asnew modified, mirroring the left-hand side and changing it into the U-shaped sofa our client had asked for.

Not only do they feel happy that they have up-cycled their “old favourite” sofa that was no longer right in the larger space but have saved themselves money in the process."