About Us

A family-owned designer, manufacturer and wholesaler of the highest quality handmade rugs, Haba Rugs has a hallmark of affordability and luxury, without compromising on quality or social responsibilities. Over the years, the company has deepened its passion for the world of handmade rugs, and today manages the entire operation itself, from the buying of raw wool at their factory in India to dyeing, weaving, washing and finishing. They deliver standard ranges as well as providing manufacturing support for bespoke rugs to retailers and interior designers across the United Kingdom and Europe, and offer customers responsible design with immaculate workmanship.

What services do you provide?

Design, Manufacture and Supply of Handmade Rugs

How would you describe your style?

"We work in bringing ideas to reality and removing boundaries from imagination. Whether in shape, size, colour, design, quality, or style, we work to deliver rugs that meet the ever-evolving fashion trends of home styling."