About Us

Established in 2009, WOOLF have studios in Bath and London. 

WOOLF is a multidisciplinary practice combining interior design and interior architecture services for houses and hotels. We take care of the entire design process from cost planning to detailed design and project management.

 Clients are drawn by WOOLF’s discrete, collaborative and fun-loving approach to the enriching the design journey. With a team of passionate interior designers and architectural consultants, they draw on over 25 years of expertise.

The studios have won and been shortlisted for a host of awards, including the International Design and Architecture Awards (IDA) awards. They are members of The Georgian Group and are accredited by the Historic Houses Association (HHA).

What services do you provide?

Residential and hotel interior design: Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Listed building Expertise, Bespoke Furniture, Joinery Design and Art Curation.

How would you describe your style?

"We approach projects like curators, skilfully mixing specially made pieces with antique furniture, contemporary design and artworks that reflect the passions and personalities of our clients. We design our projects with a sense of balance, warmth and individuality.

At the centre of our projects, is the desire and individual style of our client, the history of the building and the functionality of the space. This means that each project encapsulates a different style and every project is totally unique."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"WOOLF specialises in historic interiors. We know that for exceptional design to remain relevant and future proofed, we must continually look for ways to incorporate sustainable materials and practices into our design wherever possible. We choose materials that are renewable, recycled or have a low carbon footprint in tandem with opting for energy-efficient lighting, heat and cooling technologies, to reach our green goals. 

Timelessness, sustainability, and longevity of design are all principal considerations which underpin our approach. Our bespoke services mean that we work with the very best artisans to create pieces that our clients can hand down for generations."