About Us

Susan Deliss is an interior decorator, textiles dealer and designer, with her own range of textiles sold all over the world and increasingly in the USA. Her interior decorating work is thoughtful, original, beautiful and comfortable. Susan excels at combining colour and pattern, artwork, furniture and textiles and tailoring the way she combines them to individual clients. She ships fabrics direct to the USA, where she is represented regionally by Nickey Kehoe (CA), Fritz Porter (SC) and Wells Abbott (TX). She supplies pillows and lampshades made bespoke with US harp fittings to many well known US decorators. Susan is currently working on the interior designs of a house in North Yorkshire in England, a house in west London and a new build home in Boston, USA, all of which are at various stages. She only takes on a very limited number of interiors projects at any time as she wants to be fully involved in the design of each home, working very closely with each client.

What services do you provide?

Home Accessories, Interior Design, Textiles

How would you describe your style?

"My style involves combining colour, pattern and design to give each home with a feeling of personality, unique to its owner. I mix antique and new textiles, creatively combine wallpapers and paints, often printing or weaving bespoke textiles and wallpapers, and source furniture and decorative objects‚ rarely from the more obvious channels, but instead from my travels and extensive contacts. I help my clients see the potential of their house in a new way, without them having to let go of their own or the house's story. No two of my interiors will ever look the same as each other."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"I redecorated an entire Georgian rectory in the English countryside. Six bedrooms, three bathrooms, three sitting rooms, a kitchen, dining room and lots of hallways. I got a brief from the clients, then interpreted and distilled this in a way that would suit the house and the clients' lifestyle, but also gave them something original without being too modern or conspicuously decorated. I designed the entire scheme for the house, sourcing wallpaper, curtain fabrics and paint colours for every surface. I found all of the tradesmen, project managed along with the client, and commissioned a lot of bespoke items for the house - antique linens from my stock were hand-dyed to go with wallpaper; wallpapers were hand-printed; walls were lined with hand-printed fabric that I source in Paris; tiles were hand-painted to fit the bathroom with Iznik patterns from Turkey."