About Us

Designing waterfront, equestrian, mountain, and urban residences with fully integrated interiors and gardens, Janof Architecture is based in Seattle, Washington. "We take the time to imagine a home as a personal reflection of each client and their story, and to search for perfection in the unexpected," says founder Amy Driggers-Janof. "Bespoke detailing and architectural rigour are combined with whimsy and allegory to create a project unique to its client, setting and time. We seek to make ourselves the invisible envoys of the house of your dreams."

Amy earned her Masters in Architecture at Yale University and has been practising in the Pacific Northwest for 30 years. Her work has been honoured by the American Institute of Architects, the American Library Association, and the American Institute of Steel Construction for excellence in design. Her work has been featured in numerous publications.

How would you describe your style?

"We don't have a style; we have a philosophy. We believe that the physical world affects our internal world deeply and meaningfully and that one's home has the power to be the ultimate expression of who we are and hope to be. Our work is guided by the quest for exquisite quality creatively informed by the people who entrust us with the places where they will raise families, find sanctuary, and cultivate inspiration. Our work will appeal to thinking, discerning clients looking for timeless, imaginative, and impeccable design."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"A tiny vintage cottage on the shores of Lake Washington was purchased by a young couple who adored it but knew that it would be too small for their family. With wavy hand-blown glass windows and Christmas tree cut-outs adorning the porch rail, it was perfect in its details. Rather than tear it down or replace its character with a complete remodel, we offered this solution: jack it up, preserve the cottage as an upper storey, and build a new, harmonious first storey with the capacious yet traditional layout the original structure lacked. 

The upstairs was converted to bedrooms with a spacious primary bath taking the place of the kitchen. The master bedroom occupies the former living room with views of the lake. The new downstairs is open and spacious—the kitchen features a 14-foot-long black walnut island with solid brass hardware, a French range, and bespoke light fixtures. We preserved the storybook nature of the cottage with details throughout: hidden doors, hand-painted murals, rose-vine railings, and two antique fireplaces from England, including one carved with the mythological Green Man and his wood nymphs. Modern technology upgrades are cleverly hidden. The result is a modern-functioning home within a magical, transformative cottage."