About Us

TM Lighting is the UK's premier specialist in art lighting and the design of award-winning, industry-leading products. Founded in 2012 by Andrew Molyneux and Harry Triggs, the company designs and manufactures exceptional high colour rendition LED picture lights and luminaires for the art market. It believes that when art is lit to its best advantage, it has the power to transform, helping the onlooker to fall more in love with the object or subject. TM Lighting helps clients to understand the impact that great lighting can have on an individual piece of work or an entire collection. It provides tailored solutions to an international client base that includes globally acclaimed artists and collections, bringing art to life within private residences, stately homes, galleries and institutions, with commissions for high-end contemporary spaces and retail and hospitality brands.

Constantly innovating and reinventing, TM Lighting's products provide adaptable and versatile lighting solutions suitable for all kinds of artworks; paintings, sculpture, collections and textiles, that enable clients to meet conservation and sustainability objectives, minimising harmful rays and energy usage. It offers a 360-project service consisting of advice and recommendations, design and manufacture, installation and maintenance.

What services do you provide?

Lighting and Art Lighting Advice

How would you describe your style?

"At its core, TM Lighting sees solutions, not problems. We embrace creative thinking to solve challenges when lighting art in unique environments. From our first award-winning product; the TM Picture Light, to the 'ArtPoint'; a pluggable spotlight for evolving art collections, our vast range of products are fully customisable to complement both classical and contemporary art collections with a range of durable colour finishes to suit all projects. Our innovative design approach keeps pace with a fast-moving art market and provides solutions to clients’ lighting needs."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"The Charterhouse, Barbican, London (top image): Many of the paintings are over two metres in height, and during daylight hours, without picture lights, the artworks were dark and obscured by window reflections. The Slim Light Pro helps to minimise the reflections from daylight in the canvas, while bringing life and warmth into the paintings. It sits on the contemporary side of our picture light range, however can disappear into both heritage and classical settings.

Brasserie of Light, Selfridges, London (gallery image one): We provided specialist Gallery One Fifty art lighting to highlight the centrepiece, a 24ft encrusted Pegasus statue by Damien Hirst, within the Art Deco destination restaurant. The GalleryOneFifty is a high-performance track-mounted art light developed specifically for use within areas featuring high ceilings, typically found in galleries, museums and contemporary spaces.

Private Residence, London (gallery image two): We installed a selection of our TM Lighting Slim Light Pros in an antique bronze finish featuring a custom anti-glare hood. The lights blend seamlessly into the overall feature while providing precisely illuminating each of the artworks. The elegance of this scheme is in its simplicity; providing a grandiose space with a much-needed focal point.

Private Residence, London (gallery image three): A beautiful contemporary picture lighting option is the TM Lighting LED Slim Light Pro. We used a customised Slim Light Pro finished with antique bronze and mounted with a customised wall bracket. It highlights the rich colours within the large-scale photographic artwork whilst providing even light distribution.

Apsley House, London (gallery image four): Our TM Lighting Classic Picture Lights have been used to illuminate artworks throughout the house including the Waterloo Gallery to ensure true colour accuracy and bring the paintings to life, while providing warmth and a balance of light in the rooms. This image of the Waterloo Gallery demonstrates how even within a dense hang, these picture lights disappear into the background allowing the artworks to take centre stage. 

Hyperion Art Collection, Creechurch Place, London (gallery image five): Zero Sixty ArtPoints were installed throughout, which have interchangeable lenses, provide a focussed concentration of light to specific pieces and are suitable for taller ceiling heights in galleries, commercial spaces and private residences. The ArtPoint mounting system provides the flexibility of a track and spotlight system with the discreet minimalist design of a surface-mounted accent light.

Private Residence, London (gallery image six): High Colour Rendition LED Downlights beautifully highlight the rich colours within the paintings and the golds within the gilded frames."