About Us

Founded in France in 1845, Yves Delorme is a family-owned, international luxury home linen brand recognised by the French government as an ‘Enterprise of Living Patrimony’ – an indicator of the highest quality manufacturing. Its first boutique opened in Paris in 1979; now the company has over 400 stores worldwide, including the flagship on London’s Walton Street. Here, clients can find luxury bed and bath linen, homeware, nightwear, gifts and a monogramming and bespoke service.

Yves Delorme unites Poetry, Audacity, Excellence and Savoir-Faire; constantly renewed by its creativity, for a vibrant and sustainable craftmanship. This particular alchemy has driven its international influence and its capacity to create, to delight and to progress.

Working with the most skilled artisans in each area: engraving, embroidery and weaving. These techniques are transmitted within our specialised studios in Nieppe and Sevelinges, in France, with over 125 expert craftspeople who work diligently to guarantee the quality of each detail, rendering the style and quality that the House affirms.

Yves Delorme commits to humanitarian and cultural actions by a sincere conviction of the necessity to preserve this complex and fragile world that we all share. With the mission to conserve the heritage of French textiles and to transmit its savoir-faire, Yves Delorme supports this cultural heritage with the restoration of historical textiles that enhance the French art de vivre and luxury home linens.

Yves Delorme also engages in actions within the framework of the concepts of Mother & Mother Nature, which characterise not only its support of the modern woman and the ultra-feminine expression of the brand and its founder, Ernestine Fremaux but also the protection of nature and the environment.

What services do you provide?

Luxury Bed and Bath Linen, duvets and pillows, nightwear, home accessories, a bespoke bed linen service and monogramming.

How would you describe your style?

"The poetry of nature is at the heart of our values and is a constant celebration of our French culture, our passion and our spirit.  A marriage of memory and creation, the Yves Delorme style draws upon the sources of French cultural heritage, which serves as a backdrop to each of the brand’s creations by Artistic Director, Laurence Rouet. Each Yves Delorme collection remains timeless yet within its contemporary times, celebrating noble fabrics and traditional finishes, the sophistication of beautiful weaving and hand embroideries."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Yves Delorme has been involved with the Château de Chantilly since 2018 in continuous cultural patronage with the objective of preserving and promoting an exceptional artistic heritage that upholds its values of excellence, elegance and harmony anchored in its region of the Hauts-de-France. Participating in the restoration of the apartments of the Duke and Duchess of Aumale at the Château de Chantilly is perfectly in line with this strategy of the conservation and protection of heritage.  The anecdote is that the bed cover restored dates from 1845, the same year that the manufacture was established by Ernestine Fremaux, founder of the House.  Restoring the lace, netting and embroidered bed cover required more than 470 hours of work and love."