About Us

MacAusland Design is an architectural and interior design firm focused on delivering high quality luxurious and glamorous buildings bespoke to the individual client’s requirements. The team works closely with the country’s finest craftsmen and artisans throughout the design and construction processes to ensure the highest standards are achieved within each client's budget. Their knowledge and experience combined with an understanding of style, proportion, scale and composition will ensure every completed project has an unmistakable air of quality, luxury, style and comfort.

What services do you provide?

Extensions, Conservatories & Garden Rooms, Architecture, Garden & Landscape Design, Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

"A blend of opulent, contemporary and classical. Our design style focuses on luxury, glamour, detail, a sense of proportionality and composition, but most importantly a response to the client's aspirations."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"All of our projects are highly bespoke in nature. Our service aims to cater for as many of the client's needs as we can and to take the stress out of the building process. In addition to offering a high-quality design service, as Chartered Architects we can fully coordinate your project with the other consultants, such as structural engineers, building services, home automation and can administer your building contract. That being said we are more than architects; we have focused on high-end luxury interiors too so can offer a combined service, which is more cost-effective and results in a more resolved design. MacAusland Design has extensive experience working with both new build and listed buildings. The relationships we have forged with some of the countries finest artisans and craftsmen enable us to exercise an additional level of control over the integration of the design elements and quality of the construction. We offer a personal service, we do not seek to impose our own design ambition on a project but listen to the client's aspirations and where appropriate can advise on styling, layout and finish."