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Every Lilla Rug is one of a kind. No two are the same. They are all fair trade, locally produced and are made using eco-conscious materials. They are all handmade and hand picked from their originating country.

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Regal and associated with tradition, yet cool and trendy.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

This house is a beautiful old home in North London, with incredible high ceilings and original parquet flooring. It was completely refurbished from head to toe. The walls were mostly painted a dark navy colour, almost black - 'Basalt' from Little Greene. The brief for the rugs was to add warmth and bring a bit of a lift to the rooms. In the dining room there is a lovely corner with two 'Mulberry Leaf' gold lounger chairs (Graham and Green), where we placed an Antique Persian Senneh rug, with a navy base to tie into the walls, but also with shades of pink and cream to give that needed lift to the corner. In the hallway, we placed another Antique Persian rug, but a Malayer design. With this one we kept to shades of browns and greens, to highlight the floor and the original wooden features on the staircase. Finally, in the kitchen, we placed a Persian Kilim rug underneath the solid wood table. As flat weaves, Kilims are perfectly suited to kitchens. Sitting underneath the table it perfectly defined the space as the eating zone, away from the rest of the kitchen.

Photography: Joao Pedro