About Us

Marcus Green has always worked in the arts; originally a contemporary dancer, he believes the experiences of the joy of movement through space are directly transferable to gardens. How one walks through plants and beneath trees. How space becomes a place to be.

Marcus studied horticulture in 2014 and began his practice in 2005. Now in his 16th year as a garden designer, he work with architects, interior designers, contractors and plants nurseries to realise public spaces and country gardens for private clients in Northamptonshire and the surrounding counties.

Each of Marcus' private gardens are unique to each client and their location- it is imperative that the house is  comfortable in the garden and the garden comfortable in the landscape. "I create gardens that are bespoke for my clients and that they will love" he says, "A great pleasure is working with clients, it is a long-term relationship, I visit gardens I made 10 years ago."

Marcus works with architects to create private gardens that work with built developments, with interior designers finding the cohesion between inside and outside; they all work together with clients considering how arrival might feel, how it will be to experience private space internally and externally. How a garden is at one with the house experientially and how the gardens work with the design of the architecture. With architects, Marcus collaborates to create a cohesive, thoughtful and successful application.

In addition, Marcus works with public spaces. He created a woodland garden for a junior school, which he found "exhilarating to work with such energy and commitment of the teachers making a garden where children can express themselves physically, intellectually and creatively."

Marcus also works with architects on ideas for wider living environments, how landscape and architecture work together to create sustainable communities. Collaboration is the key to his work with architects, interior designers, planners, contractors and plant nurseries to make successful gardens and landscapes for his clients.

How would you describe your style?

"I take inspiration from my clients and from the surrounding countryside. I work with these two influences to create gardens and public spaces. In private gardens I work within the ideas of the picturesque, considering how a house works in the garden and the garden in the landscape. I hope my gardens are appropriate for their place. Public spaces are an extension of these ideas, appropriateness for place and for the people living within it. 

I am passionate about native plants and the way that plants combine in the countryside influences the expressiveness of my own planting. I hope to combine the structure of clipped hedges and trees with the expression of loose textural, fragrant and floral planting to work within the surrounding location."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"I recently completed a second country garden for my clients who had moved house. It was so exciting to be asked to make a garden for my clients’ new home, a beautiful historic house and gardens. We have known each other for some time as I designed their first garden for them in 2011. Working over several acres, the garden has different levels and is surrounded by beautiful paddocks and trees. The design functionally is about the structure of built walls and steps and within that structure creating different places and atmospheres within the garden. Cromwell stayed in the house and so there is a Roundhead Lawn.

There is a White Garden, a Formal Garden a place of loose expressive planting amongst which, one can sit and admire the wider landscape. One of the key considerations was the experience of arrival home, how might it feel to park and walk to the front door. How might the family arrive, how might guests park and arrive?

I worked with my clients to create a garden that one could walk around and through, experiencing the different places as one walks. I worked carefully with the mature trees bringing them into the new design so they became visual focal points or destinations.

The key with such a garden is collaboration, working with clients to create a garden design just for them and then the pleasure of collaboration with landscape contractors, creating the built details that are key to a successful realisation of design. The final phase is to work with an excellent plant nursery, relationships that are essential to make a large garden. The garden is just 5 months old, I visit my clients to discuss how the garden is developing and working for them and I meet with the clients’ gardener to discuss maintenance, everything from how formal planting should be clipped and expressive planting should be cared for."