About Us

White Webb is an award-winning design team known for its artful blending of the classic and the contemporary. Founded in early 2004 by Matthew White, a classicist, and Frank Webb, a modernist, the firm embraces the best of old and new to design environments that are warm, innovative, and timeless. Influenced by their love of travel, nature and la dolce vita, they infuse their projects with unique finds, an abundance of color, and an elegant ease that has won them numerous accolades and international publication for their work. Quiet and reserved in demeanor, these designers reserve the drama for their interiors and are revered for their thoughtful, relaxed and fun approach, as well as their seamless execution and organization.

What services do you provide?

"In addition to our interior design practice, we operate a small shop in upstate New York, White Webb Finds, offering a mixture of vintage and new furnishings and accessories for refined country living."

How would you describe your style?

"Like our partnership, our design style leverages contrasts to create beauty. Whether classic or modern, rough or smooth, striped or solid, we engineer the right mix of textures, patterns, color and materials to devise a design that expresses our clients’ dreams. As our work attests, creative tension brings life to rooms, which in turn brings joy to living."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Although we’ve always enjoyed working with collectors, we recently had a wonderful experience building a new home literally around an owner’s collection. Starting with raw space in a Los Angeles high rise, we designed a sophisticated aerie with a stunning library as the beating heart of the home. Wrapped in floor-to-ceiling panels of curved glass and accented with beautifully inlaid woodwork, the room invites serious study or simple admiration from an adjacent seating area.  

Inspired by the collection’s focus on the natural world, particularly sea life, we incorporated subtle references to the aquatic throughout the rest of the home. As with the library, we sought to marry great function with great style in creating elements that weren’t purely decorative, but also served purposes or addressed problems. For instance, as a stunning backdrop for the dining area and a clever means of masking service doors, we created a bubble-like screen, featuring mother-of-pearl and Venetian glass set within a silvered iron armature. In the end, it all added up to a home that was the perfect expression of the owner’s passions, about which we had the amazing opportunity to learn and be inspired."