About Us

Natalia Miyar is an architect, designer and founder of London, New York and Miami-based practice, Natalia Miyar Atelier. Her residential and hospitality work is internationally resonant, spatially intelligent and intricately crafted.

Natalia’s formal discipline as an architect is responsible for her deep love and respect for the power of materiality and proportion – this is coupled with her commitment to helping clients and their own decorative identity. The result is a portfolio that varies greatly in terms of style but is bound by a confident understanding of pattern and texture. And always, a luscious interplay of luxury and comfort. She has built a varied body of work that includes a grand English villa, a vibrant Miami family home, contemporary London apartments, nuanced Manhattan penthouses, a secluded escape in the hills of Ibiza, a chalet in St. Moritz, a beach retreat in the Bahamas and hotel suites in London and the West Indies. 

What services do you provide?

Architecture, Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

"I believe in effortless luxury – style that is tactile, immersive and glamorous but doesn’t try too hard. I like to say that in my interiors you should feel equally comfortable in jeans or a cocktail dress."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"My recent work for Navid Mirtorabi at The Twenty Two, the new member’s club, hotel and restaurant on Grosvenor Square, was a dream commission in Mayfair just as the world was re-opening, and a project that marks our first step into hospitality interiors. Designing a hotel is something that I have wanted to do for a number of years and it has enabled me to challenge myself as a designer and work with a new set of objectives and goals. Our client Navid had a clear vision for his hotel and it was a pleasure to harness his creativity and help to make it the most beautiful expression of what he first imagined at the beginning of this journey.

When I’m designing a private home I’m strongly focused on my client’s lifestyle, there is more freedom designing for a hotel and I was able to let my own creatively run a bit wilder. These spaces will be inhabited for moments not years, a visitor will stay a few nights it’s not a home for a lifetime so we can be more provocative in the colour choices and experience. As a result, these Interiors are more theatrical as they are temporary.

As with all my projects, there was a strong focus on materiality, we used lots of rich velvets, piping and fringe, hand-blown crystal chandeliers and vintage bevelled mirrors and on top of this we opted for saturated colour themes to create the atmosphere that we were aiming for. You’ll find original and unexpected references to many themes such as vintage haute couture, elements of New York 70’s disco which we played on in the lavish red music room, and design inspirations from Malmaison, home of Josephine Bonaparte which can be seen in the tented vaults and powder rooms. Bespoke elements such as custom wallpapers inspired by 18th-century paintings and panelling are contrasted with silks and velvets in punchy vibrant colour tones reminiscent of Regency London. Combined together they create an entirely unique character. 

Ultimately I was motivated to create beautiful, sensory spaces with longevity that would stand up to passing trends and the most exciting thought is that these spaces are for everyone to enjoy."