About Us

We focus on the client and the space, so each project is unique. We create timeless, personal, comfortable rooms full of interest and function for our luxury residential and commercial clients. I understand the demands of busy daily life, family, entertaining, and the calming power of a beautiful, functional home. Design projects include new construction still in planning, reconfiguration and refurbishment of existing properties, as well as refreshing spaces in need of decoration. There is always a nod to existing client collections. Overall our inspiration comes from a deep knowledge of textiles, furnishings, architectural interiors, historical precedent, technology, art, and as always, the homeowners; vision. Whatever the scope of the project, our goal is to create and deliver beautiful, sophisticated, intelligently designed spaces perfectly tailored to each client. Christine Tuttle has specialized in fine and decorative art, antiques, design, and the luxury home furnishings world for over twenty-five years. The designer on the Emmy award-winning US television show, "This Old House", she trained at National Trust (UK) houses, Sotheby's London, museums, and art galleries with graduate work at Harvard University and at Sotheby's Institute, London.

What services do you provide?

Interior design, decorative art, antiques

How would you describe your style?

"Our style is rooted in classical interpretation of spaces yet designed for modern life. We draw inspiration from the virtues of old houses, from the genius loci to the existing details and sense of balance, to design new houses today. Whether focusing on new construction or historic house renovations, we design with the overall architecture in mind and translate it for comfortable and connected spaces that suit modern life."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"In a recently completed dining room, we worked with the only existing items the homeowners brought from their old home: a beloved set of paintings by an artist and friend of the owners. The clients wanted a dining room that really made the pieces stand out yet also seemed harmonious to the new space, as well as having us design a highly functional space to host large family gatherings. “The addition of the beautiful, hand-painted wallpaper, along with the exquisite furniture selections really turned the entire room into an art piece as a whole”, said the homeowners, and the space feels cohesive and sophisticated with each design element shining."