About Us

Gabriel Scott designs and produces chic and contemporary furniture and lighting fixtures. All Gabriel Scott pieces are handmade in their Montreal production studio where young visionaries work alongside an in-house team of industrial designers, engineers, and manufacturers to create and oversee each piece from inception to production. Gabriel Scott’s 30-thousand square-foot studio is located in Montreal’s historically rich Garment District, a neighborhood that pioneered Canadian fashion and design.

Gabriel Scott was founded in Montreal, Canada, in 2012. Scott Richler was working as an architect and was often tasked with specifying high-end custom furniture for clients. He realised there was a market for bespoke, contemporary and customisable furniture and lighting fixtures crafted using a holistic approach that would be specifically aimed at designers and architects who need control over every detail of a building’s design.

Since 2014, the exclusive line has been available to view at their flagship showroom, located in the beautifully restored Brewster Carriage House at the corner of Broome and Mott Streets in downtown Manhattan, and is now available in their London Showroom in Mayfair as well as through a global network of luxury lighting and furniture retailers.

How would you describe your style?

"Gabriel Scott is certainly known for its exquisite lighting with bold and geometric silhouettes. The experience Richler earned from the time he spent designing jewelry informs a lot of his work and process when designing lighting fixtures. Before venturing into jewelry, Richler was in architecture which is similar to design but on a macro scale. Jewelry allowed him to focus on details and the nobility of craftsmanship as well as exquisite materials. His background affects how he interprets decorative lighting and treats it as larger scale jewelry. Gabriel Scott’s contemporary collections can be described as versatile, customisable and timeless."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"All Gabriel Scott pieces are handmade to order and designed in a way they can be easily customised, which means we can work with private clients, designers, architects or in-house teams to seamlessly design, develop and deliver bespoke solutions for their residential, commercial or hospitality project. Whether it be a unique one-off lighting fixture for a private members club or yacht, or the supply of a furniture or lighting package for an entire hotel complex, we can work closely with you to develop something truly special.

Gabriel Scott’s furniture and lighting collections are designed in line with our three design principles:

Versatile aesthetic: Considerate of all demographics and design environments, our collections work as well in a standalone residential setting as they do as a specified lighting or furniture package for a luxury hotel.

Customisable: Each piece has been designed with modularity and flexibility in mind, which means we can deliver something truly unique for each individual client. Whether it be small tweaks to an existing design, or something more elaborate, upon receipt of a project plan, our in-house design team will work closely with you to understand your project and your design objectives to come up with a stunning yet realistic solution. We also provide custom drawings to allow you to visualise what the end product looks like.

Timeless: Our products are designed to last. It’s always been important for our works to last beyond current trends, which ensures the products we provide are future proof and will stand the test of time."

Paul Craig, Lauren Coleman, Amelia Carter Interiors, Casa 505 Interiors