About Us

After over a decade of freelance in the interior and event design industry, Amanda Jacobs Design was born out of a desire to focus intentionally on architectural interiors. Jacobs’s love for interiors as an art form and a constant devotion to studying and learning more, she strives every day to build a business with an ethos that believes great design can alter the world. Thus, affirming our environments not only affect our well-being, but that our well-being depends on them, and the large role interior design plays in promoting that belief.

AJD is a commercial and residential design house based in Louisville, Kentucky, where the team specializes in the hospitality industry designing bars, restaurants, breweries, distilleries and more. They love the challenge of making commercial spaces as alluring and comforting as our homes. The team offers comprehensive design services curating warm, inviting, and ardently thoughtful spaces for individuals and the public to experience and remember.

How would you describe your style?

"Our team strives to use a foundation of unique concepts, striking and unexpected pieces rooted in colours of the earth. We mix antiques and modern objects together to turn old spaces into something new, expressing personality to the world. Over the course of our projects, our team draws upon our client’s personalities and needs and finds from their travels, traditions, and culture. With extensive skills and resources, and our clients’ involvement along the way, we create spaces that feel collected over time, with meaning and inherently livable. The result at its pinnacle evokes luxury, comfort, and sophistication, wedded to form and function."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We’ve recently completed an extensive residential remodel involving the modernization of an old Craftsman home, adding luxury amenities and tying in more history and charm of its original time. We did this by adding familiar craftsman patterns and colours in varied wallpaper and tile but also incorporated some cleaner modern elements such as smooth walnut veneer on openings and beams. The result was a combination of preserving the history of the space but tying in some mid-century, old-world and vintage details for an eclectic but collected feel. Our clients had family heirlooms and mementoes that were able to be displayed and allowed more of their personalities to shine in their space. Combining comfort and luxury the space is warm, and inviting and feels as if it’s meant to be this way from the start."

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