About Us

Clodagh Fay, founder of Fay Interior Living, an interior design firm nestled in the heart of Ireland. With a passion for weaving artistry into living spaces,  that embodies our dedication to creating spaces of distinctive character and luxury.

How would you describe your style?

"Combining style of layered contemporary and classic design fusion. Creating a sophistication with specialist joinery and master fabrication, taking into account the subtle choreography of things like layout, lighting and decor."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"The Townhouse was a 3-storey Georgian building with a basement kitchen, formal living space on the first floor and bedrooms on the top floor. The owners however found the formal layout inconducive to family living and the style not in keeping with their contemporary preferences.

 Fay Interiors was commissioned to bring a contemporary feel to this home while respecting and enhancing its innate heritage, to breathe new life into it while reimagining the challenging layout to provide a luxurious family home.  

Conscious of energy efficiency and modern-day living, insulation and an upgraded heating system created a new warm environment, this along with the installation of a bespoke smart lighting system elevated this refurb to the most modern of technologies.

Keeping in the sphere of luxury comforts we created a beautiful guest powder room, a new shower room and a secret walk-in-wardrobe, with each of these rooms finished in the most stunning marble accents. 

The formal area underwent a transformation from its previous existence to include a bespoke Burrell Oak handcrafted bar containing the most modern cooling drawers and finished with a backlit quartzite counter. A wine display unit has also been integrated into the design to host your wine collection at the perfect temperature. To finish the space a custom-made TV wall set in bookmatched marble slabs over reeded mahogany storage and enjoyed from the comfort of the beautiful hand-picked lounge furniture. This design has come together to create the most  amazing space for family living and weekend entertaining

The bedrooms have been reimagined to provide the luxury and tranquillity the client requested. Continuing the tailored design each bedroom adhered to its own individuality incorporating bespoke wardrobes and bedside tables, with the rooms beautifully finished with touches of marble, carefully chosen furnishings, bespoke lighting and restful tones.

Each space is carefully crafted to tell its own story, all the while adhering to the overarching theme. The end result is a harmonious arrangement of spaces that reflect the owners' tastes and dreams while projecting a strong sense of cohesion.

Overall, this home is a wonderful example of how period buildings can be reimagined for contemporary living."

Derek Robinsion