About Us

Matthew Burt has been producing unique and exquisite English furniture ever since he founded his eponymous business with his wife, Celia, in rural Wiltshire in 1978. 

The company enjoys a wonderfully varied clientele: individuals and institutions appreciative of Matthew’s distinctive style, independent approach and instinctive understanding of how to create pieces that will be treasured forever. From dining rooms, studies and Alpine chalet interiors to benches in the Ashmolean Museum and chairs in the permanent collection of the Fitzwilliam, our work is designed and made for posterity.

We embrace our clients’ requests with vigour and aim to surprise them by not just fulfilling a brief but giving the finished piece a finesse which will bring them real and long-lasting joy. Many clients have been commissioning from the company for decades.

In addition to our bespoke work, we have made-to-order pieces: classic favourites which have stood the test of time. And we also design and make smaller items for the home, such as our exquisite ‘Urchin’ boxes or the mysterious ‘Cubed’, which foxes and delights in equal measure. We have trays, key cabinets, wooden platters… 

We always seek to use home-grown, sensitively selected timbers: each tree reveals its character, its past and charms, and tells its own story. 

And we care greatly for our rural economy, training dozens of apprentices over the decades and aspiring to give them a mastery of the processes required to be expert makers in their field.

Matthew Burt is a multi-award-winning designer/maker, is a Fellow of the RSA and the Society of Designer Craftsmen, holds numerous notable Guild Marks, the Christopher Claxton Stevens Prize for Excellence and Woodland Heritage’s Best Use of British Timber Award.

He still works from Wiltshire, where he has a studio, workshop and showroom in the village of Hindon.

What services do you provide?

We have a made-to-order ‘Collection’ and some smaller (gift) items, in addition to our bespoke pieces.

How would you describe your style?

"Modern 21st Century English. Always honouring the incomparable beauty of the woods we work with but also with a purpose beyond the aesthetic: pieces are functional as well as pleasing."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"One of the never-diminishing pleasures of over forty years of designing and making for clients is that you never know what might be asked of you next. 

A delightful, recently completed project was an archive cabinet created in response to an academic’s request to honour and house the work of her ancestor, Ellen Hutchins. Ellen (1785 – 1815) was an early female botanist and much of her research took place in and around Bantry Bay, County Cork. Both our client and University College, Cork, were keen to store and display her archive. 

This commission resulted in a cabinet made from a series of oaks, one being a Cork oak from the area, with detailing in boxwood from Matthew’s own Wiltshire village. A sensitive combination of research, design and craftsmanship to deliver the exacting brief.

By contrast, we also thrive on the open brief of ‘Matthew, please create a piece for this space’; an equally challenging and stimulating starting point. The client’s mandate is the engine of our creativity. Specific or fluid, it doesn’t matter either way. They want Matthew to design for them and he is delighted to do so.

Ours is a holistic service: from initial approach to final delivery and installation, you are in our hands and our intention is not only to make the most outstanding pieces for you but to ensure the process is as enjoyable as their eventual arrival.

Above all, it is a personal service: the only place in the world you can buy Matthew Burt Furniture is from Matthew Burt."

Stephen James