About Us

Teakunique, owned by cousins Rachel and Victoria, delivers exquisitely designed, impeccably crafted, top-grade, sustainably sourced teak furniture – all underscored by an unparalleled, personalised service you’d expect from a family business.

Timeless Charm, Modern Allure: At the heart of the collection, lies the perennial charm of English country garden style, but innovation is a constant companion. The collection has expanded and evolved to include contemporary and versatile pieces, that are at home as much in the countryside as they are in the city.

Form Meets Function: The focus is on merging exquisite form, with dependable function – picture extra-thick tabletops and bench legs that exude luxury while at the same time weathering the unpredictability of the British climate…

Sustainable Style: Sustainability is Teakunique’s cornerstone. The teak is responsibly sourced from certified plantations in Indonesia, where ideal growing conditions eliminate the need for fertilizers. The rich, natural oils found in the best teak, as well as Teakunique’s meticulous manufacturing process, boost its natural strength and longevity and allow Teakunique to confidently offer a 10-year guarantee.

Quite simply, the finest teakwood, combined with unparalleled design and manufacturing techniques and focus on service is what makes Teakunique, well, unique…

How would you describe your style?

"Teakunique’s style spans from timeless, traditional teak designs to a contemporary, urban aesthetic – offering something for every outdoor space, regardless of its location. Each Teakunique piece is designed to work harmoniously with the rest of the collection and exudes charm, natural elegance and, of course, an invitation to enjoy…"

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Tailored To You: Teakunique takes pride in personalisation. Whether refining existing designs or crafting bespoke masterpieces based on your vision, let the team’s exceptional craftsmanship, paired with their top-grade teak, bring it to life.

A Concierge Service: Perfectly furnishing your outdoor haven can be a challenge, but Teakunique offers a suite of services to guide you. Visit their small show barn in Sussex or the pop-up summer showroom in London (both available by appointment) to sit, lounge and measure to your heart's content. Or explore their friendly video consultancy service, where the team will walk your space with you and share tailored recommendations to suit. Teakunique welcomes trade relationships."