About Us

Lusso is a leading lifestyle brand providing high-end bathrooms, furniture, homewares, fixtures and fittings to beautiful homes and aspirational hotels across the world. Since the company was founded in North East England in 2014, it’s gained international acclaim, and become synonymous with exceptional quality, flawless craftsmanship, and our signature style of modern elegance. 

We consider longevity, sustainability, ingenuity, and of course, functionality as our core values. We’ve become renowned for using natural, tactile materials that offer intrinsic durability such as smooth stone, polished marble, and sustainable wood, as well as solid brass fixtures, to ensure Lusso collections are enjoyed for many years to come. 

Our collections are found in homes across the country and in leading global design destinations. These include Claridge’s in London, Sugar Beach Resort in St Lucia, and the Equinox Hotel in New York. Lusso is a proud industry partner of the British Institute of Interior Design and the American Society of Interior Designers.

What services do you provide?

Bathrooms, Hardware, Kitchens and Home Accessories

How would you describe your style?

"Although the styles vary between each Lusso range, every collection is unified by our signature aesthetic of understated elegance. For Lusso, that means contemporary, confident shapes with sweeping curves, strong lines, and a muted palette of natural tones with accents of brushed gold, polished chrome, gunmetal and matte black. It’s key that we really understand how high-end products can make people feel, as well as what goes into making every element of fixtures, furniture and homewares. This ultimately makes us much stronger designers, and it's the process we follow with every one of our products, that contributes to the ongoing success of our brand."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"At Lusso, we aim to provide as much choice and variety as possible to ensure that our products are suitable for all projects large and small, from smaller home renovations to larger commercial redevelopment projects. We do know that this is not always possible and that some projects require bespoke designs which is why we offer bespoke services for as many of our products as possible. 

This means that a selection of our stone baths and basins can be individually created to a bespoke size request, meeting the needs of the specific interior space that the client is working with. One of our biggest bespoke projects to date is London’s iconic Trocadero building - now the Zedwell Hotel - for which we supplied over 700 bespoke-sized Lusso stone basins to fit out the bathrooms in the modular hotel rooms."

Banner Image: Hanks House; Image 1: Kate Greaves; Image 2: Dust Story; Image 3+4+6: Hanks House; Image 5: Jacksonheim Boutique; Image 7: Rookery Retreat; Image 8: House Of Mcfarlane