About Us

DOS is an acronym for Designers of Soil; and soil to this studio, represents the infinite creative potential of all-natural beauty.

‘We take a naturalistic and chemical-free approach to landscape architecture, with the long-term health of our ecosystems at the heart of everything we do. Combining site-specific nature opportunities with ornamental planting schemes we work towards the restoration of biodiversity through context appropriate landscape design. Our mission is to bring wild beauty, climate resilient planting and joyous outdoor living to our client’s door.’

Their eye for detail manifests in finely created outdoor spaces where humans can fall in love with the natural world, seasons, bird song, scents, blossom and colour.

Being part of Urquhart & Hunt studio, 2022 Chelsea Flower Show winners for ‘Best in Show’, for a combined 12 years has given solid foundations to this young studio, set up in 2023, by working on high calibre projects, including a Piet Oudolf planting scheme, large private estates, London family gardens, a puglian public garden, the historically accurate Roman Villa Garden design at the Newt in Somerset and the garden farm and Manor hotel of Woolsery Collective in Devon.

Design aesthetic: liberating, naturalistic, joyful

What services do you provide?

Garden design, landscape architecture, meadow restoration, wildlife and swimming lake design, climate resilient and drought tolerant border designs

How would you describe your style?

"Our inspiration roots in extensive travels to wilder nature across Europe, deepening our understanding of plant communities in both arid and cold climates. These observations feed our plant selections and land management methods, bringing flavours of naturalism into urban environments."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Over the past two years we have been working on extensive field restorations in the Cotswolds and Dorset; including the making of a large wildlife and swimming lake, a series of ponds connected by a rill system, meadow creation and extensive hedgerow and woodland planting. In doing so we have re-introduced wildflower meadows, carefully cultivated environmental conditions for native species to return, created a space for both native and ornamental vegetation to flourish, and envisioned a paradise that humans can delight in for generations."

Image 1: Seating boulder in first year of meadow; Image 2: Sunset by the pontoon; Image 3: Cascading rill brings movement to the waterbody; Image 4: Diverse palette on species for rich pollen source for wildlife; Image 5: Water reflections emphasise the mood of the sky; Image 6: Giant boulder paving by the field shelter; Image 7: Field before landscape transition.