About Us

Sustainable Design for Wellness & Wellbeing

Cotswold-based interior design studio, Wellness Interiors designs healthy homes for a healthy planet.  They are passionate about designing for wellness, creating homes that enhance the quality of their clients’ lives.  Their sustainable designs are inspired by nature and for nature, simultaneously improving health and wellbeing.  They have been awarded “Sustainable Interior Design Studio of the Year 2024” by Lux Life Magazine and have been featured in Cotswold Life Magazine, The Telegraph and other press. 

The team designs for wellbeing by sourcing sustainable products and natural materials, whilst partnering with British suppliers where possible, reducing carbon footprint and embracing the benefits of a slower lifestyle. The studio has expertise in delivering a mindful interior design service that not only compliments its clients’ homes but can enhance their lifestyle and wellbeing. Clients who formerly suffered from allergies and respiratory conditions, experience alleviation of symptoms with the introduction of more natural materials and the removal of furnishings and finishes that are toxic and create air pollution.  

Design Aesthetic & Ethos

From refined country houses to city townhouses, its interior schemes are inspired by nature, whilst radiating both tranquillity and a timeless classic contemporary English style.  

Sheron Ravi is the Creative Founder of Wellness Interiors. A former Psychotherapist, Sheron is passionate about enhancing the quality and wellbeing of client’s lives. She believes that mindful design can promote health and wellness.

“We collaborate closely with our clients, we listen carefully, then distil that information and use our expertise to deliver elegant interiors that are timeless and designed for longevity, aligned with our ethos to create sustainable and healthy interiors.”

How would you describe your style?

"Wellness Interiors’ aesthetic is inspired by the English countryside, and we are passionate about creating interiors that are warm, elegant and immaculately tailored, creating solace from the stresses of daily life.  

Our design intention is always to enhance our clients’ wellbeing, whilst creating healthy homes for a healthy planet.

We take a holistic approach to every project, creating refined and comfortable interiors, inspired by the story of both the building and its surroundings.  We can deliver a full turnkey service, from commencement to completion, alleviating stress and time by coordinating a full renovation on behalf of our clients."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We recently completed the design for a beautiful family home in Chislehurst, Kent.  This newly built home is the perfect balance between classical and contemporary living.  Our client previously lived in a much older property and they experienced a range of allergies and respiratory conditions.  Furthermore, their former home was not the solace they longed for.  

They envisioned a home with an airy interior, a comforting lived-in aesthetic, and a place of solace that could improve their wellbeing.  The large windows and full-height French doors make the property light and accessible, ensuring all rooms can be fully utilised.  Panelling and cornicing were introduced, to create a more classic and considered aesthetic.

We had the pleasure of collaborating with our clients, selecting the most beautiful natural materials for furnishings and finishes.  Storage was fundamental to creating the clean and organised interior that our client wanted, so we designed bespoke joinery in each reception room, a dressing room in the master suite and a pantry beside the kitchen.  

The palette for the interior is grounding, inspired by the neighbouring woodland.  A few select soft furnishings provide a nod to our client’s Scottish heritage.  Due to the careful combination of a calming colour palette and collation of natural fabrics and materials that nurture wellbeing, our clients now live with less stress and anxiety.  Furthermore, the family’s health conditions have dramatically improved.

Bespoke Service

We are delighted when we are given the opportunity to work on a full house renovation for a period property with a rich history, such as our Cotswold Country Home project or St Albans Family Home project.  Whilst honouring the heritage of a property with period features, it is a joy to update the home with contemporary touches, combining the old with the new.  Likewise, for a new-build, such as the Chislehurst Family Home, we love to introduce classical features, to create a lived-in aesthetic, making the home feel more comfortable and nurturing."