About Us

I believe in the English House.

The beauty of vernacular farmhouses, Jacobean manors, and Georgian formality. The evolution of the English house is such fertile ground for inspiration. If you feel the same, our conversation will begin by admiring the beautiful buildings left to us by previous generations.

The conversation then turns to the present. How can your project draw on the qualities of these houses and at the same time work for you? And so we begin a new chapter in the evolution of the English House, written as a collaboration between us.

I make old houses enjoyable to live in, and I design new homes with an old soul. I combine a love of historical architecture with a progressive outlook to create beautiful homes for contemporary living.

Home is at once part of the rich tapestry of human civilisation and is special to you. Home is our sanctuary from the busy world. Our most private inner realm that supports and nourishes us. The place where our families gather, and at times the place where we open our doors to invite our friends in.

Home is a reflection of who we are. I’d love to help you make yours.

What services do you provide?

Architecture, ARB and RIBA registered. New build houses, renovations and extensions. Works to Listed buildings. Architectural interior design.

How would you describe your style?

"The common thread through every project is an appreciation of the past combined with an understanding of how we live now. The result is a home that is natural to its environment and loved by you."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Having previously lived in a Georgian house with high ceilings and large sash windows the clients of this charming Sussex farmhouse felt that there was something missing. Approaching retirement and with grown-up children starting families of their own they wanted to extend the farmhouse with separate guest accommodation and a new social area with an uplifting sense of space and light.

It was clear early on that the opportunity lay in demolishing a rather plain annexe and replacing it with the new extension. We knew it was going to be difficult to persuade the planners that a two-storey extension to a modest listed building was a good idea but we persevered.

The solution came in disguising the extension as a semi-agricultural building of a scale that didn't challenge its older neighbour. The ground floor was lowered by half a metre and the ceilings were vaulted to create the dramatic spaces that were longed for.

The clients now love living in both the cosy snug rooms of the old part of the house and the new light-filled extension. The house is often busy with guests and the family is able to all be together whilst maintaining a sense of independence.

'We are absolutely delighted with the final result. It speaks volumes about the value of Tom's input. The design intangibles of the interaction of materials, style and proportion clearly show his contribution and flare. There is no doubt in our minds when considering the product that it's his understanding of how these interact that has made the whole thing work so well. We have a great deal more than a replacement extension, what we have now makes a huge contribution to the house as a whole both in terms of use and aesthetics.'"

Jim Stephenson