About Us

Pollyanna Wilkinson Garden Design is a multi-award-winning design practice, offering a complete garden & landscape design service. Based near Hampton Court in Surrey, the studio works on design projects across London, Surrey,  Sussex and the South West as well as on larger scale projects across the UK and internationally.

The studio is led by Polly, who is passionate about creating elegant and practical gardens that are sensitive both to the surrounding landscape as well as to the individual aspirations and aesthetics of the client. "My goal is for the gardens and landscapes I design to be tailored to the users of the space – yes, a garden needs to be inviting and visually beautiful, but it can also be useful. We spend a lot of time with the client to fully understand their lifestyle, and then design accordingly, using high-quality materials and collaborating with skilled landscapers to bring the designs to life. We want the gardens we create to be joyful spaces which evolve with the seasons, invite exploration, and delight the senses."

How would you describe your style?

"Elegant, practical and contemporary gardens and landscapes. Polly’s style is typically characterised by uncluttered, elegant spaces with a backbone of strong structural lines, softened with blowsier and abundant planting."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"The studio works on a wide variety of projects, from chic and luxurious London town gardens to large country estates in the Surrey Hills. We work closely with architects, interior designers and other design professionals to ensure that the design of the house and garden remain in conversation with each other, offering a cohesion from indoors to out."