About Us

Patton House was launched in January 2022 by twin sisters Charlotte Neal and Georgina Swabey. We specialise in gathered linen lampshades, hand-woven ruffle cushions, block-printed tablecloths, hand-turned lamp-bases and more. 

Our products are designed exclusively by us in the UK and made both here and in India. We are lucky enough to work with a woodwork studio in the UK and a small textile workshop in Southern India. Artisans and master craftsmen in both countries use centuries-old traditions of wood-turning, hand-weaving and block printing, choosing the finest linen, environmentally friendly dyes and sustainable hardwood, to produce classical homewares with a modern twist.

A glossy bamboo lamp, a pretty ruffle cushion or a luxurious linen lampshade are joyful additions to both contemporary and traditional interiors.

How would you describe your style?

"Traditional techniques and designs are mixed with contemporary colours and flair, creating a style which is both cheering and timeless, suiting both town and country, classical or modern interiors."