About Us

Oakwrights was founded in 1999 in the heart of rural Herefordshire.

Fast forward to today, we are a multi-award-winning company specialising in the design and construction of beautifully bespoke oak framed homes, extensions, outbuildings, and garages that bring our clients’ oak frame visions to life, with sustainability and the future at the forefront of our craft.

Operating from where our roots were established, we have expanded our offices, workshops, and offerings to ensure clients across the country receive the highest levels of customer service and a bespoke, hand-finished oak-framed product that meets their exact needs, supports their lifestyles and will last a lifetime.

While aspirations and requirements for designs naturally vary, it is the intrinsic characteristics of oak; its structural stability, versatility, and organic beauty that unites our clients’ decisions to build their dream oak framed home, extension, outbuilding, or garage with us.

For many, the process of designing and constructing a home is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one filled with immense excitement and anticipation. With this in mind, we invite clients to visit our workshops, stay in our show home, The Woodhouse, and meet our craftspeople, so they can see, feel, and fully experience oak framing first-hand before embarking on their journey with us.

What’s more, members of our team feel so passionate about oak, the amazing benefits a frame provides and producing the finest quality builds, that they too have built oak frame buildings. So during our clients’ journeys, we can share our expertise along with our personal experiences to further support and inspire their builds.

Driven by combining the latest technology with traditional craftsmanship skills, and a focus on high performance, the homes and living spaces we create are energy efficient and meet the latest Building Regulations standards. We are also the only oak frame company to produce our own insulating encapsulation systems – WrightWall and WrightRoof, and our award-winning highly sustainable WrightWall and WrightWall Natural that was used to design and construct the two, certified oak framed Passivhaus homes currently in the UK.

Whether our clients have a traditional or more contemporary oak frame home design in mind, here is a link to our Ranges, which comprise design templates they can mirror, tailor to suit their requirements or simply take inspiration from.

What services do you provide?

Architectural design, Pre-application and planning advice, Planning and Building Regulations Oak framed homes, extensions, bespoke outbuildings, garages, annexes Insulating WrightWall and WrightRoof encapsulation systems, Insulating WrightWall and WrightRoof Natural encapsulation systems, Turnkey project management – for homes Custom build plot purchasing Face glazing

How would you describe your style?

"Our design style is often known as ‘country contemporary’. It will look timeless in years to come, for many generations to enjoy.

Every design we create is bespoke to its site and context, carefully sitting alongside the local vernacular. Our system is incredibly adaptable and so we can create a traditional or modern aesthetic. Building lines and forms, material palettes, colour and texture all goes into the design ‘melting pot’ and we take great pride in ensuring the proportions and balance of the building sit beautifully into every landscape, be it countryside, village, town, or cityscape.

It’s a pleasure to design a truly versatile, energy-efficient, and stunning quality product."

- Helen Needham, Head of Architecture at Oakwrights

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

Here is a link to this contemporary oak-framed farmhouse in a stunning Lancashire valley. Helen Needham, Head of Architecture here at Oakwrights (mentioned above), worked with our clients to finalise a bespoke architectural home design which is now nestled beautifully into their beloved landscape.

The home is also insulated with our WrightWall and WrightRoof encapsulation system and features expansive panels of our face glazing, which was pre-fabricated in our workshops to seamlessly fit around our client’s bespoke frame, so they can make the most of their site’s views and horses while grazing.

Key design features:

• Honey-coloured stone that is warm and welcoming

• A beautiful entrance hall and heart of the home, featuring a commissioned chandelier that hangs eight metres high

• Double-height internal spaces with vaulted oak framed ceilings

• Lots of glazing to maintain a light and airy feel

• A contemporary, metal staircase leading to a galleried landing

• An expansive, open-plan (Shaker-style) kitchen/dining/living/garden room

• Exposed oak floor joists in the ceiling of the kitchen and dining room as we love the character of the oak

• A fireplace that’s made using the door jams of the original longhouse that resided on the site

• Complementary, three-bay oak framed Winchester garage from our room above garage range

Here is a link to our story.

Whether our clients have a traditional or more contemporary oak frame home design in mind, here is a link to our Ranges, which comprise design templates they can mirror, tailor to suit their requirements or simply take inspiration from.

Here is a link to our membership and accreditations.

Here is a link to our ‘In the frame’ podcast and documentary-style video series where we provide top tips from industry experts while giving an insight into our teams, our culture and our operations at work, wherever our clients are and to support whatever stage they are at with their oak framed project.