About Us

Meraki Design is a leading London-based Interior Design studio, founded by Maria Kachramanoglou and Eris Koutsoudakis in 2013. The meaning of the Greek word ‘Meraki’ is brought to life by this dynamic duo, who pour their heart and soul into every project they undertake. Meraki design creates unique, innovative and luxurious interiors by combining a certain set of principles to deliver distinctive spaces.  Each completed project is an amalgamation of the client's brief and lifestyle aspirations layered with details inspired by the history of the building and context. The outcome is an authentic and timeless design solution that is pragmatic, timeless, beautiful and serene. Our approach has led to the conception and fulfilment of unique and original designs for distinguished boutique hotel brands, high-end developers, residential clients and retailers.

How would you describe your style?

"Meraki Design has a sensitive design approach interweaving history and the present giving an authentic and timeless design solution that is contextually relevant."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

We offer expert consultations or turn key interior design services including: 


During this stage, we will create a unique and creative design story that will form the bones of the project's design ethos. This creative story is one of the most important stages and is often skipped. We take pride in creating unique stories for each and every unique client.


This is one of our most enjoyable stages where we find the best space-saving solutions for your interiors. We first create endless possibilities on a blank canvas and finally present you with the best and most efficient layout options. Years of experience have allowed us to successfully create layouts that ensure maximum use of space.

3D Renderings

The next design stage is to put some colour and life into our drawings. 3D images allow our clients to experience the space in a more natural way. They can see how everything from our concept and mood boards align in the spaces and with the help of 3D renderings, the client gets to see the design take its final form.

Technical Drawings

Alongside the 3D rendering stage, every design needs a technical drawing package that we produce according to the concept and approved layouts. This forms the drawing design package that goes out to tender to various contractors and suppliers.


During this stage, we will create a Finishes, Furnishings & Equipment (FF&E) document to accompany the above drawing package. This is also a package of information that accompanies the drawing package and allows for the contractors and suppliers to have a clear understanding of the scope of works


This stage is to enable the organised and planned ordering of the FF&E items. We gather the various quotes, present them to the client, order on their behalf, then follow up and chase for on-time delivery


Every project's installation varies depending on the brief and scope of work. We are there to ensure smooth completion and handover of the project to each of our clients.