About Us

Highly regarded Marcus Barnett Studio has developed an international reputation for creating gardens and landscapes that combine strong architectural form and naturalistic planting. Established by Marcus in 2004, MBS has won three Gold medals at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, including Best in Category. In 2018 we purchased, designed and developed a bespoke design studio based in west London in conjunction with a rural satellite studio in Overton, Hampshire.

"Our projects include large private gardens and estates in the UK countryside as well as villas, vineyards, prestigious hotels and resorts overseas.  We seek to remain a close-knit studio of around twelve landscape architects and designers providing a pool of multicultural talent. MBS’s design narrative, flare and culture are very much underpinned by Marcus, who is closely involved with each project."

What services do you provide?

Garden & Landscape Design

How would you describe your style?

"Our belief is that no single design fits all, that designers must be adaptable, and that design style cannot be superimposed: good design coming only from a full and successful dialogue between client, designer and landscape. We strive to produce designs for our clients based on a thorough understanding of their requirements, the site and the needs and lifestyle of those who will inhabit the space.

Our passion is to create gardens and landscapes that are seductive and absorbing in their visual beauty, harmonious, ever-changing, and with a slowly unfolding story. We create places to explore, inhabit and to enjoy. We create landscapes that appear restrained and uncluttered, but which reward exploration by gradually revealing their layers of complexity. Often crisply geometric, and with a deceptive simplicity of design and construction detail, they entice you through a progression of richly planted spaces, each with its own mood and character.  We use a restrained palette of elements, frequently drawn from local materials, traditions and plant communities so that our work closely echoes the natural environment. We endeavour to harness the infinite capabilities of the plant kingdom with the ultimate aim of creating ‘ordered disorder’."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We pride ourselves in the personable way we run and manage our projects from concept through to completion. Our clients’ aspiration is our primary focus and we place great emphasis on meticulous planning and project delivery, collaboration and partnership. The result is a garden with an enriching sense of place and an environment of wild imagination."

Banner and image 1: Jerry Harpur; 2: Delphine Adburgham; 3-8: Mimi Connolly