About Us

Ben Russell is a sculptor working in stone. Traditionally trained with a background in restoration, conservation and architectural carving, Ben now uses his skills to create pieces informed by the grown natural world. Wherever possible Ben uses the age-old methods of carving with a hammer and chisel blurring the line between contemporary art and traditional crafts. His work explores the environment, connectedness, symbiotic relationships and mental health. He takes inspiration from the landscapes and the often overlooked world beneath our feet to create contemporary sculptural items for the home and garden. His workshop is based in the rolling hills of West Dorset where he enjoys views back to the Jurassic coastline, another great source of inspiration. Ben's pieces can be found in private collections throughout the UK and Europe as well as in Hong Kong and Canada. A number of pieces have also been bought or commissioned by leading interior designers. He exhibits regularly and is represented by leading UK galleries.

What services do you provide?

Artwork, Garden sculpture, Interior sculpture

How would you describe your style?

"A celebration of grown organic form as contemporary art upholding traditional craftsmanship."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Each sculpture, whether large or small, starts with a doodle in a sketchbook. Sometimes a small clay model is made to get a feel for the object in the round. Ben will then visit his suppliers or go direct to the quarries where possible to select suitable blocks of stone for the project in hand. He loves to use limestones local to Dorset but also uses stone from quarries throughout the UK and further afield. Once the stone arrives in the workshop carving can commence. Large cuts are made to the blocks to remove waste using power tools before eventually going in with chisels to refine forms and give texture and tactility to the sculptures. Sometimes pieces are honed and then polished to create a lustrous sheen exposing the inner beauty of the stone. Ben works at all scales from small sculptures that would fit in the palm of your hand up to large pieces weighing several tons and requiring a crane for delivery. As all work is made from natural stone even a duplicate commission of an existing sculpture will have its own colour variants and discrepancies in the textures/minerals/shell content meaning every piece is unique. In 2021 Ben relocated to a 160m2 industrial unit at an ex-BBC broadcasting station giving him the freedom to realise larger-scale works and create viewing space for finished pieces both inside the workshop and out on the surrounding lawns. Workshop visits are welcome by appointment. Commissions are undertaken and Ben is happy to work closely with his clients to realise their vision."