About Us

As a previous eco-gardener, turned artist, I produce sustainable, eco-friendly wallcoverings that not only honour the beauty of nature with originally hand-painted drama but also have an uplifting and biophilic effect on a person within their home environment. I take this one step further by ensuring that my wallcoverings are printed on pioneering eco non-woven paper, made from 99% renewable raw materials. They are also 100% PET plastic-free. I have the highest A+ “Émissions dans l'air intérieur” rating for my wallcovering due to the PET plastic-free paper and non-toxic, water-based inks used to digitally print it. 100% of my packaging, including the clear wrap and any stickers, is biodegradable and/or compostable. I  am also a very proud signatory of Interior Design Declares, a commitment by those within the world of Interiors to be as sustainable as possible and an accountable advocate of mindful sustainability. 

After achieving an A Grade at ‘A’ Level in Art during the late 80’s, my painting was mainly a personal affair. I spent several decades working in Advertising, Further Education and then Gardening until I decided to take on commissions of hand-painted murals in West Yorkshire after 2010. I now mainly focus on my wallcoverings range, with occasional bespoke commission work. I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in late 2022 and following over a year of treatment and recovery I am ever more so committed to producing beautiful wallcoverings but now I am also passionate about raising awareness of breast cancer alongside this. Therefore in 2024, I will be producing another wallcovering range that will hopefully help raise funds for a breast cancer charity.

What services do you provide?

Design and sell sustainable mural wallcovering collections

How would you describe your style?

"My style is all about creating natural drama! Hand-painting Nature’s finest at its most botanical best! Bright colours, flora and fauna, all with Nature and Humanity’s best interest in mind."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"I recently collaborated with Lynsey Ford Design (winner of BBC Design Masters). She installed my sustainable mural wallcovering Spring Tonic in ‘High Noon’ (yellow) down the length of an interior curved corridor, to achieve a biophilic ‘wild hedgerow’ walk for her clients. Lynsey and I faded out the yellow background with a gentle ombre paint effect. I was then commissioned to hand-paint out the design for several metres, right down to a single dandelion at the end of the corridor. Continuation and inclusivity of design were important for the client as a member of the household required this (due to a medical condition) to aid easy navigation of the property. Lynsey designed an interior for a beautiful, modern property with inclusivity and accessibility in mind everywhere. Lynsey also wanted her clients to benefit from the verdant and biophilic uplifting effect of my wallcovering all year. The client’s feedback; ‘I chose to pick Spring Tonic, ‘High Noon’, because it suits my hallway with it being curved. The actual paper is sumptuous and I was very lucky that George came and painted the rest of the hall, gradually diminishing the plants with incredible hand-painting. When I walk down the hall, it’s like walking through a field of flowers. It always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel happy’.

Prior to this, Oliver Heath, a Biophilic Designer, installed Spring Tonic, ‘Midnight’ (Navy) in his Healthy Home exhibit in Westfield Shopping Centre. He used my wallcovering to demonstrate the power of a ‘biophilic-inspired’ design to create a calming effect of lush hedgerows when it’s not possible to use live plants etc. to achieve this. Oliver Heath's testimonial; ‘I was immediately drawn to Spring Tonic as it captures the colour, wildness and diversity of healthy flourishing habitats – concepts that I love to bring into my Biophilic Design Approach.’

Edward Bulmer Natural Paints used Spring Tonic ‘High Noon’ in their flagship store for the first year they were open. I love to collaborate with companies such as Edward Bulmer Natural Paints as we share the same passion and ethos for natural products that are PET plastic-free. Edward Bulmer Natural Paints have provided paint matches to all my colourways which is demonstrated on my website."

Paul Simpson and Olivia Atkinson