About Us

Operating from a London-based studio, Atelier001 is a luxury lighting brand celebrating artisanship by creating beautiful, collectable lighting objects with the highest attention to detail and finish.

The designs are curated by acclaimed lighting designer and artist, Eva Menz, who is committed to making exceptional light pieces more accessible to a larger audience. The fabrication of the lights also aims to support a network of unique makers in what is often described as ‘dying trades’.

Each Atelier001 piece is hand-finished by master artisans, who imbue these exclusive objects with their incredible skills. Each carefully considered detail attests to the dedication of the makers, while the individual touches and handmade quality celebrate the inherent beauty of authentic materials.

We encourage our audience to welcome and embrace the unique character within each object, its variations and small, beautiful imperfections.

How would you describe your style?

"Every Atelier001 piece is finished and assembled by hand by our master artisans. The sculptural lights sit elegantly in vintage-inspired or contemporary interiors. The collection bears witness to an understanding of both modern technology and traditional techniques. The transformation and appreciation of authentic materials result in a series of lighting pieces that are collectables to be passed onto generations."