About Us

Since launching in 2018, Angel O’Donnell has become one of the most critically acclaimed interior design studios in the UK. On top of our awards success – which includes Overall Winner at the Society of British & International Interior Design – we’ve earned a reputation for creative versatility, friendly collaboration and pin-sharp detailing.

The studio’s co-founders, Richard Angel and Ed O’Donnell, approach every brief with fresh eyes, unhampered by a signature look. This frees us to put each client at the heart of what we do. No one-size-fits-all process. No cookie-cutter style. Just beautiful, bespoke designs impeccably delivered.

At each stage of the design process, we’ll be on hand to answer your queries, explore ideas, develop schemes, and realise furniture layouts and design features through sketches, elevations and technical drawings. 

Once you’re completely happy with the designs, we’ll set to work procuring all FF&E, including precise finishes for joinery, wall coverings, window treatments and soft furnishings.

Every logistical detail is taken care of – right down to the cutlery in your drawer and the Fortnum & Mason treats in your pantry. And when everything’s arrived, each item will be quality-checked and expertly stored before white-glove delivery is arranged in time for installation.

The result will be a one-of-a-kind home that speaks to your senses. A home that’s filled with handcrafted furniture, specially commissioned art, softly textured fabrics, and gorgeous hues that are every bit as unique as you are.

What services do you provide?

Interior Design, Bespoke Furniture & Storage Solutions, Project Management, Sourcing & Procurement, Creative Design

How would you describe your style?

"Our style reflects the person we’re designing for. If you desire minimalist, we’ll embrace a clean palette and sharply delineated lines. If a boutique hotel is more to your taste, we’ll have fun assembling rich colours and expressive prints. If you’re completely at a loss, we’ll gently guide you through the exciting possibilities available to you.

By remaining responsive to your individual tastes, wants and needs, we’ll create for you a beautiful new home you can truly call your own."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We recently completed a three-bedroom apartment inside The OWO Residences in Whitehall. It was a dream project. The building – which was once the site of the Old War Office – has been closed to the public for over a century. So, you can only imagine how excited we were to step inside.

It’s a slice of history aimed at an international elite who prize quality over shouty opulence. Our task, therefore, was to create a welcoming home, where craftsmanship, exquisite detailing, expert art curation and irresistible comfort work in concert with each other.

We opted for a pale, neutral base palette. This gave us a gallery-like backdrop for jewel-toned furniture – which we designed in-house – dazzling feature wallpaper, bold modernist paintings, statement lighting, wood panelling, and richly embroidered curtains.

Our aim was to design a home that looked like it had been lovingly assembled over many years. We pictured someone well-travelled, with an eye for detail and refined taste. Over time, this person would add a Persian rug here, a hand-thrown vase there, and occasionally rearrange a picture wall to accommodate new art. 

To evoke this sense of the discerning homemaker, we knew we must prioritise eclecticism over uniformity. By mixing patterns, textures, metals, stones, classic silhouettes and sculptural forms, we were able to give each room its own identity. And for us, balancing an assortment of styles is what The OWO Residences are all about.

By contrast, we’ve just finished a New York-style loft apartment in Fitzrovia. There we embraced a monochromatic palette. In the living room, for instance, an obsidian green abstract presides over a matte carbon sideboard and a white-plaster floor lamp. It couldn’t look more different.

Around the same time as our loft, we interior designed two apartments – a penthouse and sub-penthouse – in St. John’s Wood. One features bold, structural shapes to echo the riot of architectural genres found in the neighbouring Lord’s Cricket Ground. The other, floral motifs and organic contours to reflect the area’s verdant leafiness.

That’s the joy of interiors. You never know where a client, building or area will lead you."

Taran Wilkhu