About Us

As a Hampshire-based family business, Linwood puts excellence at the heart of everything they do. They aim to ensure a personalised touch, from the quality of design to the level of service provided. The company straddles the worlds of creativity and innovation to produce distinctive collections of fabrics and wallpapers.

Many of Linwood's fabrics are made in Great Britain, favouring collaborations with people they know and trust; the rest are produced in Europe, Turkey and Morocco, by mills that bring generations of experience.

Each year, Linwood continues to offer unique collections bursting with fresh ideas, while retaining the quality and artistry they are renowned for. 

How would you describe your style?

"Our in-house design team draws its inspiration from textile archives, museums and the natural world to create contemporary and classic prints, weaves and wallpapers. Each collection is carefully crafted, and designs are still drawn and painted by hand."