About Us

International figurative, bronze Oxfordshire-based sculptor, Dawn Conn merges memory, wonder and joy. With a deep appreciation for figurative sculpture, Dawn's work is driven by storytelling and the exploration of personality and character. 

Dawn's sculptures are brought to life through the expression of the human figure, celebrating its natural curves, facial expressions, stances, and movements. She embraces imperfections, recognising that they add depth and uniqueness to her artwork. Dawn creates a sense of authenticity and charm with her sculptures capturing moments, and conveying the essence of human experience and emotion.  

Dawn undertook nearly a decade-long journey of academic art education (including art and design studies at Central St Martins in London).  She combined that with an organic and tactile approach to create her own unique artistic style, fusing techniques, mediums and inspirations. Her mastery lies in her ability to seamlessly merge different materials and techniques, resulting in bronze sculptures that encapsulate the soul of the original piece. Her work serves as a catalyst for contemplation and connection, creating an emotional bond between the art and its audience. Dawn takes inspiration from the quiet and secluded places where she spent much time from her childhood in New Zealand, with beaches, rivers, ponds, meadows and woodlands. To transform her mixed-media sculptures into enduring bronze sculptures, Dawn employs the ancient 'Cire Perdue' or 'Lost wax' method. 

Dawn’s barn studio is based next to the Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire where she enjoys countryside views and bird song, another great source of inspiration. Her sculptures can now be found in private and public collections in the USA, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Ireland and the UK, (including a permanent display at the RHS Wisley gardens, Surrey, UK). 

What services do you provide?

Artwork. Garden sculpture. Interior sculpture.

How would you describe your style?

“A celebration of expressionist and engaging figurative sculptures. Dawn’s artwork explores the imperfectness of life – bringing a sense of comfort and joy."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"In May 2023, Dawn was awarded 5 gold stars for her debut show garden trade stand at the RHS Chelsea flower show. Collaborating with garden designer Emma O'Connell, they created a captivating display named 'Essence of Life'. The garden featured layers of thoughtful and sustainable planting, complemented by Dawn's curious figurative sculptures, which added an element of wonder to the overall aesthetic. 

Dawn’s carefully curated and constantly evolving collection is available to view and purchase online and also by appointment in Oxfordshire. Her clients include private collectors, and garden and interior designers. “I offer a personal service, advising and guiding you on collecting and installing your sculptures for your garden or interior projects. 

Her diverse and ever-evolving collection is now available for viewing and purchase online. Additionally, Dawn welcomes appointments in Oxfordshire, where clients can experience her sculptures first-hand."

Banner and Image 4-8: Éva Németh; Image 1-3: Dawn Conn