About Us

Jess and Rebecca of Jess Weeks Interiors' share an infectious energy and passion for design, providing a personalised service to each client that delivers results both aesthetically and practically.

With over three decades of experience between them, they have steadily grown into an established interior design studio, punctuated by some amazing experiences. Both value the individual, and work close to the heart of the project. Understanding that each space is beautifully unique, the pair seek out a new narrative to each project and together with the studio, bring them new life and purpose. From abstract concept, through to design, realisation and delivery, they can seamlessly coordinate an entire project, be it commercial properties or residential homes.

What services do you provide?

Furniture, Interior Design, Project Management

How would you describe your style?

"Central to the JWI style is a contemporary, multi-layered, stimulating interplay of textures and materiality coupled with a playful curiosity; this is true whether we are designing for a city loft or a quiet country retreat.  Our style is architecturally sensitive, chic and soft natured with just a hint of attitude - we do love to push a few boundaries every now and then."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Our project of the year has to be our Fire Damaged Refurbishment Project. An incident that saw a BBQ explode while cooking, set the main house alight, resulting in extreme and irreversible damage. It was essential to take the house back to its bare bones which in turn allowed us to experience the property from quite a unique perspective. We knew we needed to remain sensitive to the exterior and historic nature of the building, but the interior was open to extensive changes, upgrades and modernisation. Together and with our clients, we devised an exciting new vision for the property.

To experience the full breadth of the innovation and transformation was profoundly enriching and offered many new experiences and challenges to overcome, all of which were managed incredibly by JWI and our talented team. The property now sits proudly again in its environment, reminiscent of its past and yet very much changed. The house boasts a magnificent entrance and staircase which leads to an open plan sitting room with unobstructed views showcasing a contemporary kitchen. Light now floods the house and is perfect for entertaining. The attention to every detail, no matter how small has made this project one that we will never forget and will be forever proud."