About Us

Design-Itude, an Architecture and Interior Design studio was founded by a group of young architecture graduates in London. Their mission was to help families and individuals in London bring a modern elegance to their homes. Quickly growing into a full-service design studio which aims to provide an all-in-one turn-key service to our clients. Today we work on design projects big and small, whether we are looking at conventional loft conversions & extensions, or whether we are looking at a master plan for a resort, we always strive to deliver the absolute best for our clients.

What services do you provide?

Architecture, Conversions, Extensions and Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

"We use a modern and contemporary style, with multicultural influences from our diverse workforce of designers, we look to modernise traditional styles with a unique exotic flare."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Merlin Avenue consisted of a loft conversion and single-storey extension. Based in Dover, Kent the newly married couple wanted to start a family and they knew that to do so, they needed more space. Therefore, instead of moving house, they opted for a loft conversion. 

Planning a loft conversion is a complex process which we project manage. It involves everything from getting the right paperwork signed off, deciding on the roof type, how the staircase will reach the new room, choosing the insulation and budgeting for all costs. 

It is vital you get your design plans spot on to ensure your loft conversion runs smoothly from start to finish, and that you stay on budget. The owners wanted a relaxed space with an open-plan kitchen. The colour palette used within the design consisted of neutral colours and a pop of grey and navy to mix things up. The design for each room was clean and aesthetically in order to reflect a relaxed look and feel. 

A range of natural materials were used to enhance the space, for example...

• Plants

• Wood (tables)

• Silk (bedding)

• Stone (countertops)

A bi-fold door was a key design feature used on the ground floor for many reasons. Firstly, this design allows plenty of natural light which creates an alluring ambience meanwhile enhancing the materials within the room. Secondly, this type of door appears to remove boundaries, creating seamless areas between the inside and the outside. They are also energy efficient and can help towards saving money on your heating bills and offers increased levels of security."