About Us

Tissus d’Hélène is a boutique showroom specialising in artisanal fabrics and wallpapers from England, France, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, India, Africa and America. Helen Cormack, who started the company in 2006, has a passion for prints so you will find a beautiful and hugely diverse selection, most of which are hand-blocked or hand-screen printed. There are also silks, linens, wools, hand embroideries and velvets, many of which can be custom-made for specific design projects.

Fabrics and wallpapers from the Casa Branca collection feature hues that mix and match across textures and materials, and Casa Lopez’s collection incorporates weaves and prints in sophisticated colourways. There are also releases from Boon & Up plus many additions to the showroom’s outdoor ranges.

What services do you provide?

Fabrics & Wallpapers