About Us

Founded in 1997, The Rug Company is renowned for crafting the finest rugs in the world. Each rug in the core collection is woven with the finest raw materials, made by hand, by honoured craftspeople in Nepal. While traditional craft is fundamental to The Rug Company, its unique offering also includes a diverse range of high-quality carpeting qualities. Rugs are designed by some of the world’s leading creatives from the realms of fashion, art, architecture and product design, while a talented in-house studio pioneers each design with unparalleled expertise. 

Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, The Rug Company is committed to delivering ethical and environmentally conscious designs. Since 2007, every hand-knotted rug has adorned the GoodWeave label, representing a dedication to ending child and forced labour in global supply chains. More recently, The Rug Company has announced that they have achieved The Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury. After meticulous assessment, this certification ensures that The Rug Company has met the highest standard of ESG+ performance and will continue to do so.

What services do you provide?

Rugs and carpets

How would you describe your style?

"The Rug Company’s in-house design studio is continually innovating with new avant-garde creations, or reinventing classics to give them a modern twist. In addition, it collaborates with many of the world’s most revered and celebrated designers of fashion, art, architecture and product design, harnessing their incredible talent and translating their vision into a handcrafted rug, cushion or wall hanging."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We offer an extensive array of designs which can be tailored to suit your requirements. Colours can be altered, specific shapes and sizes can be ordered, yarns can be changed and patterns can be up or downscaled. Additionally, our Bespoke Service allows you to create a completely new piece, either based on an idea you have or developed alongside our team. Pictured here: Hera by Liberty for The Rug Company, Gem by The Rug Company, Empress Gold by Guo Pei for The Rug Company, Scales Pearl by Helen Amy Murray for The Rug Company and Anemone (Round) from the Sarabande Collection for The Rug Company."