About Us

The London Shutter Company is a London-based business offering high-quality interior shutters. The studio was established with the belief that every window in London can be enhanced with this brilliant form of dressing that is traditionally associated with true luxury, and the company is here to help make that happen. 

The London Shutter Company team have many years of experience in the industry and are on hand to enhance your windows with a blend of luxury and practicality. Shutters are available in a range of different styles and design finishes, so there is no such thing as a standard shutter - each set is unique to its purpose, location, and design requirements ticking any required boxes.

What services do you provide?

Shutters & Blinds

How would you describe your style?

"Our style is best described as London luxury interiors which often pairs well with our client’s luxury design preferences. Shutters suit a variety of tastes as they are custom made so you will be able to design them to fit in wonderfully with your interiors, getting the most out of their benefits whilst still having something great to look at. Your shutters will offer you increased control of viewing ability into rooms, varying light levels controlled by slat and panel opening and can help regulate room temperatures."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"This job shows a great variation of shutter use throughout many different rooms. All of the shutters installed are made from Pearlwood which is our full wood material and are in a full-height style to cover the entirety of the window. The shutters have been installed in the client's living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Two of our most popular slat sizes have been used on these shutters, the 89mm and 76mm. Slat control can be achieved either using a tilt rod or by building a cog system into panels and this client has chosen to opt for the latter for a simpler look to the overall shutter. 

One of the great things about our luxury wooden products is that they can be custom colour matched to any colour of choice where requested. This client has chosen this option to achieve a stunning pairing of windows and surrounds in rooms and also create a stark contrast of dark shutters and white walls in other rooms. 

Many clients who work with us are looking for a ‘best of both worlds’ company and this is where we come in. As an independent company, we maintain the personable service of a small business but being well-established, we are always on hand to help with your queries and offer a prompt and easy contact base with dedicated members of our team at every stage of your order. 

We supply a variety of projects and work with both homeowners and designers to measure and install beautiful, luxury shutters at a cost that keeps everyone happy. For a window dressing in it the for the long run – isn’t it worth investing in the best?"